Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 review


Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 14 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Danish decided to sell his flat and start a business. Mateen Sahb was in the guilt of being unfaithful to his wife. He got a heart attack while he was telling about his wife to Danish. He died. But in Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 14, Danish and other office colleagues pay his funeral prayer. Mateen Sahb has two daughters. They are very panic situations. They are alone in the whole world after Mateen Sahb.

Here Mehwish is seemed to be very happy with Shahwar. She asks to take Rummi there. He agrees if you want this call Danish and asks him. But he also teased her that ask Rummi to not to stare at me like stepchildren always do.
She also asks that she want to go office. Shehwar agrees which you will be free from Rummi come to the office, it is your office.

Accidently Mateen Sahb mobile phone and Danish mobile phone are similar to each other. So mistakenly they are exchanges in the hospital. Now Hania has a Danish mobile phone and Danish has Mateen Sahb mobile phone.
Here Mehwish calls Danish. Hania receives, Mehwish asks to talk with Danish. Hania refuses that it is not the Danish number. Property dealer also calls Danish which Hania receives that she comes to know that it is Mateen Sahb mobile.

Danish goes to Hania home for taking back his mobile phone. while this Mehwish comes to Danish Flat. she finds lock at door. Guard asks about the key as she always has a key.
Guard tells him that Danish Sahb tells me that you are posted to another city and Rummi is with you. Mehwish surprised that Rummi is not with Danish. she decides to wait outside in the car for Danish.

Mehwish tells to Shahwar that Rummi is not with Danish. I am worried about Rummi.
Shahwar says he is just a low class defeated man. He is doing so to blackmail you. You don’t worry if he does not allow you to meet you with Rummi. He will get a notice from a lawyer and then see what I will do with him.

Danish goes to take back his mobile phone from Hania. There they talk about Mateen Sahb. Hania tells him that on his last day they every day writes about you in his diary. Danish asks about the Rummi study. She said he improved a lot. He is taking good grades and participates in every activity. So, one-day Rummi ask me to marry me, teacher. I said you are too younger he said to wait for me I will grow up.

Danish returns to home. There Mehwish is waiting for him. She talks to him very offensive tone and asks about Rummi. He explains that he is in a boarding school because he wants to be there. Boarding school is a better place for him. He was not normal but now he comes back to life.

But Mehwish wants to take him with her on Saturday and Sunday. Though Danish refuses that I will never allow you to take him with you in the Shahwar house. You can meet him at his boarding school and it is good to place.
However, Mehwish threatens him that I will go to court and you with again defeated by me

Danish goes to the lawyer as he never wants that Rummi goes to the Shahwar house. The lawyer advises him not to case on him as he is a powerful man and he will defeat you. I think you don’t need to sue a case on him as he will not bear your son Rummi for more than two or three weeks. He never agrees that Mehwish gives importance to Rummi instead of him.

Mehwish tells that Danish is not allowing her to take Rummi in this house. Shahwar seems to be happy about this as he does not want Rummi to be in his house. He asks that if he will be there you will give you all the time to him and what you think about me.
Mehwish said now I have to do this as he says to me to get out of my house. I will take revenge on him.

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There Shahwar comes to know that his company Shahwar Chemicals shares price drop down two rupees per share. He said I have to give attention to my business. Before going to the office he says very important lines to Mehwish.
You should be always like a lover if you want to be a mother you will reach the age of fifty direct.

Here next day mehwish goes to Rummi boarding school and here Rummi does not want to meet his mother.
Mehwish asks the principal she wants to take him with her on Saturday and Sunday. The principal does not allow her, as she is meeting her first time and you can meet to rummi with the school but we are not allowed you to take him out of the school without permission letter or court order.

In mery pas tum ho episode 14, showing that Mehwish wants to take Rummi with her but nobody agrees on it. Shahwar is also showing her his value. However, he accepts her only for her beauty and body. He does not love her. Danish is worried about Rummi. But Hania has a soft corner for Rummi and sympathy for Danish after knowing the situation. Let’s what will happen in mery pas tum ho? Will Mehwish go to court for Rummi? Will Danish again defeats by Mehwish? So let’s see what will be progressed in mery pass tum ho next episode?


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