Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 13 review


Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 13 review

In the previous mery pass tum ho episode, Danish divorced Mehwish as she wants this. Mehwish went with Shahwar leaving Danish and Rummi. She does not even think about Rummi. Mery pass tum ho episode 13, is about a few months later, after leaving Mehwish. Danish is talking with Mateen Sahb in the canteen of his office. He is telling about Rummi and he always asks about his mother, then one day asks me that get me admitted to boarding school.

Danish is still thinking about Mehwish and sad because of her unfaithfulness. He is angry on Shahwar as if she really loves at least thinks one time, is she is loyal?  Now just want to earn enough money so that I can buy all relations, friendship, love, and loyalty. I want to be a businessman.

Mateen Sahb is really well-wisher of Danish and says you should make a new start of your life. In fact, the woman is always faithful naturally and is not faithful she is not a woman naturally. You should marry now. It will help you in life.

Danish receive a letter from Rummi School. The school principal calls Danish to show him the Rummi progress report. Rummi progress report is not good. His grades in class are poor. He does cooperative, he does not participate in games. Rummi class in charge of Miss Hania is also there. She tells him that Rummi behavior is not normal and so that other student is effecting by him. He can not survive in this school.

Danish explains that her mother took a divorce and that’s why he is feeling his mother’s absence and showing upset behavior but he is a very intelligent child. Give him a chance he will improve himself. Today I will meet him and if he promises me he will be fine.

Danish meet Rummi after his class. Danish said to him that your progress report is not good and your teacher says you cannot survive in this school. My pain is more than you. If wife leaves you then she will not a wife but I am not a coward. I make you my strength but you are my weakness. I promise your teacher that you will improve yourself.

Rummi understands and feels the emotions of his father. He promised I will improve myself and ask that if the mother leaves and go away then she will not a mother.  This is a very deep and emotional feeling that the child concludes from his pain.

The next day in office Mateen Sahb gives the good news that he is promoted to 17th grade. Danish is not looking happy even on this news he is just worried about Rummi and its abnormal behavior. He is going to sell his flat he wants to start a new business.  Danish is talking about flat selling with property dealers.

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Mateen Sahb is worried that Danish lost all the things. But Danish is looking determined in her thoughts.

Here Mehwish and Shahwar were on Europe trip. Shahwar did not marry her. Mehwish asks to marry her. Shahwar does not give any positive answer. He says that love marriage is not important. I love you a lot without marriage. I think marriage is not important when I feel it is important we will do.

Mateen Sahb is worried that Danish is going to resign the job and starting a new business. He advises him not to resign until you settle your business. He also says that you should marry now. You should forget Mehwish.

But Danish does not agree with him. He says I want to do business with my full attention.

Mateen Sahb tells him his story. Mateen Sahb was unfaithful to his wife Samina. When they got separated, he met her. Mateen Sahb got an accident and she helps him. That day I asked to her that you hate me. She says that unfaithful only deserves pity. She did not forgive me till death. It is my punishment. Mateen Sahb is not feeling well. He is in the feeling of guilt and being punished is very painful.

Mateen Sahb went but he got a heart attack in his car. Danish see him when he was going. He calls some of her boys and takes him to hospital. Their Danish make informs Mateen Sahb family with the help of Mateen Sahb mobile phone.

Doctors try their best to save Mateen Sahb life but they fail. The doctor informs Danish that Mateen Sahb is no more. She comes to know that her father dies. She is in shock and she is crying.

However, Mery pass tum ho episode 13, is showing that relations always have a strong effect other. Mehwish is not with Rummi and Danish but still, their lives are disturbed because of her. Rummi is her child and he is feeling the absence of her mother a lot which makes his behavior abnormal. Mateen Sahb was unfaithful to her wife but his guilt and shame make him ill. Mehwish has lost his value. How someone can be happy by hurting others? Let’s what will happen new in Drama? What is the role of Miss Hania in Rummi and Danish life? Will Shahwar marry to Mehwish? What will Danish do? Will Rummi improve his behavior? Let’s see all this in next episode of mery pass tum ho


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