Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 12 Review


Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 12 Review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Danish went to return all gifts and money of Shahwar back but there, he showed him selfies of Mehwish which they take a trip of Islamabad. Shahwar told him that Mehwish does not want to live divorce it’s better for you to divorce her. He wants to make a deal for this favor for fifty million rupees. But he refuses.
Danish ask Mehwish to east something and so he goes to the market to being something for eating. Mehwish makes a call to Shahwar and asks him did Danish makes any deal with you for divorcing me. He refuses that I make him offer of fifty million but he refuses by saying that loves are priceless.

Danish comes with cake and more eatables, he makes her remind that today out last marriage anniversary. I request you to cut the cake with me last time and smile on your face. He gets to change her dress. He is bleeding from the arm as he got injured by accident.

Danish get ready by changing clothes, Mehwish still talking to Shahwar on messages and Shahwar is asking that I cannot sleep I am waiting for the time when you come to my home.

Danish ask Mehwish to cut the cake. They cut the cake. Danish has tears in his eyes. He asks to take dinner together. Danish ask her many household things to talk to her. He asks about clothes, toys and many other Rummi things. He said that I always remember only you and think you remember all the things.

Mateen Sahb calls Danish and greets him for his marriage anniversary. He said that the same date was my marriage anniversary that’s why I friendship you. I come to know while you were telling someone last year I remember it.

Danish ask Mehwish to take dinner together but she does not. He is waiting for the coming of Mehwish but she does not come. She is busy on a call with Shahwar.

Mehwish asks him to come right now. He is celebrating our wedding anniversary and requesting me to cut the cake together. Shahwar said to ask Danish as if he agrees I will come.
Mehwish asks him that he wants to come. Danish tells them that he was feeling bad because his girlfriend is sitting with others. Thinks about what was my feeling when you went to Islamabad with him. Danish allowed her to make call him and ask him to come.

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Danish cleaning all the homes. Mehwish asks for cleans but he refuses that if you are going time you should not work. Mehwish sees that Danishhand is bleeding. She asks to put a bandage on it but he refuses that you give the wounds that are enough.
Danish give her divorce papers before coming of Shahwar.

Shahwar comes home and Danish serve tea for all. He said golden lines. When I was in love with her and her also in love with me, I feel very proud as wife love always gives pride to the husband but now I feel I feel small like a tiny rat.
Shahwar says when women make mistake in first love then not want to carry on that relation. We should help them as time has changed now.

Danish say that I help her a lot as I give divorce and also pack her luggage now she can go with you. Danish takes out her luggage. And ask her to let me show you the door. It is very emotional that Mehwish does not understand Danish pain and feeling.

In last, when Danish is saying bye to Shahwar, I always think that you are a very intelligent businessman but while dealing with me you surprised me. You were giving me fifty million for that low-class woman.

Mery pass tum ho episode 12 is very emotional and sad. Danish give a divorce to Mehwish and ask her to go with Shahwar. Love is a very common thing but everyone has different thoughts for love. The way in which Danish loves Mehwish is amazing. He is a man of principals. And mehwish leave him for just only wealth and money. She does not feel the pain of Danish. she is not just leaving him. She is also degrading her. lets what will happen next in mery pass tum ho? Did Danish deserve it? if not what will be a reward for him for his true love? Is the mehwish decision is correct? What will be Shahwar behavior with Mehwish? Will, he gives her more love than Danish? let’s see what will happen next in mery pass tum ho next episode?


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