Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 11 review


Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 11 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Mehwish makes her mind leave Danish and she wants to take a divorce from him. Danish wants to start a new life with Mehwish. Danish is going to Shahwar as he wants to return the gifts and given the amount to Mehwish. In Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 11, Danish takes a loan of eighty thousand rupees from Mateen Sahb and goes to the Shahwar office.

Here Mehwish is continuously on a call with Shehwar. Shahwar tells her Danish arrived there. He is waiting outside as he understands his worth. Now pack your bag, he will divorce you today.

Then Shahwar calls Danish inside the room. After greeting Danish, ask I come there to return some favors which you did for Mehwish, five lac rupees, necklace, and watch. I do not need it. Shahwar asks are you angry as she goes with to Islamabad without your permission.
We did love marriage, we have a cute son any dreams which I want to fulfill. Now I am afraid of you and for this reason, I am giving this all back to you. You gave me a receipt and I will go.
Shahwar says what you think about your wife. Did she want this also? She always searches for me because she wants to fulfill her dreams with me. I also do not make fun of us you divorce Mehwish and I will say thank you to you and then you leave by saying bye. Danish tries to ignore him and continue to talk to make a receipt for me.
Shahwar continues her talk and says that I know you will return my money and necklace but do not believe this that you want to live with her.

She does not want to live with you. See these pictures. Shahwar showed him the pictures which they take on their Islamabad trip. It is a very painful situation but he is still trying to hide his feeling and ask it was her mistake and I forgive her for this mistake.
Shahwar asks him, listen to call conversation between us. Incall she was talking about Danish so straggly which is very painful. She did not think about anything else. She is talking about Danish like she is an enemy of him.

After listening to this recording, instead of being offensive he tells Shahwar how he falls in love with Mehwish. Her voice is so beautiful. I fall in love with her when I hear her voice for the first time. I always love to listen to her voice while she is talking to Rummi or on a call with me but her voice does not have any charisma, at least not for me.
While hearing his talks, Shahwar also has tears in his voice. Tears are coming out of his eyes while talking about Mehwish. Then he said if she decided then you will come and pick her from my house.
While going he asks Shahwar to take care of her.
Then he takes out eighty thousand rupees from five lac rupees as he has to return the loan to Mateen Sahb.

Danish is so upset and sad. He was coming back home when he got an accident. He got injuries on head, leg, and arm.
Monty takes him to the hospital and drops him to his flat.

Rummi is worried to see Danish injured. Danish ask Rummi to sleep and he receives Mateen’s call, he is asking about his health. Danish tells her about his accident. He makes her sure that he is now fine. Mateen Sahb asks to meet tomorrow in the office.

Shahwar called Danish and ask from him when should I come to pick Mehwish? Danish gives time after 10:00 pm.

Danish tells I hear your call which you make before my going there Mehwish he saw her selfies with Shahwar in Islamabad hotel. I did not notice that you are not wearing a black dress, I only notice that you have a true smile. I am happy for your true smile. He defeated me as I cannot give all the luxuries to you, but he did so.
It’s very emotional talking and he asks about what I will say to Rummi about you.
Mehwish asks to say to him that I am out of the country.

After sleeping of Rummi, Danish ask have you packed your bag. Then he asks her for a favor. He asks that do not go at night. Please go in the morning. I feel the night will be very difficult. I prepared myself for tomorrow and think about how to manage all the things. He asks her but she says you have taken permission from Shahwar.
He calls to Shahwar and he says as Mehwish wants.
The behavior of Danish is very normal although he has tears in his eyes.
Mehwish asks him that did you make any deal with Shahwar.
Danish replied that he offered me fifty million rupees but I refused. You are not saleable for me.
Mehwish touts him you keep staying in well while croaking like a frog. Danish does not show anger on this and ask her to want to eat something. I bring something to eat.

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In mery pass tum ho episode 11 is very emotional and sad. How Danish loves her wife amazing. Mehwish is the whole world for him but She did not give importance to respect, relations love, religion, society. She only wants wealth, luxury life and fame. Shahwar is a very cheap character. He is going to ruin many lives. If he thinks her first wife is just mistaken then why not the second one.

What about Mehwish when he fined another beauty. Mery pass tum ho episode11 is full of emotions and everyone is full of tears in eyes and hates a lot Mehwish and Shahwar. Let’s see what will happen, is there any hope for coming back Mehwish to Danish life? If she took a divorce, will Shahwar marry her? if married, will be loyal to her? What about Rummi? However, let’s see what will happen in the next episode of mery pass tum ho.


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