Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 10 review


Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 10 review

In the previous episode of mery pass tum ho, Danish come to know that Mehwish went with Shahwar Ahmad out of the city. He saw her with Shahwar Ahmad at the airport. Danish did not ask anything harsh to Mehwish but he asks her not to go for office from tomorrow.
In mery pass tum ho episode 10, Danish makes tea for Mehwish. He asks about five lac rupees that she received from Shahwar as salary. She said I have spent eighty thousand out of that amount. Danish thinks that I will return all the gifts and the entire things which he made for us. I want to start my life again without Shehwar. You mad a sin but I will forget about it.
Danish again say Shahwar has so much wealth and business. He is a very rich person. But I am richest as you are mine( mery pass tum ho).Mehwish giving negative answers to Danish at every question.

Shahwar received her wife call, probably she asks about her Islamabad trip and Mehwish. Whereas, Shahwar does not listen to her and rejects the call.

In the trip of Islamabad, Shahwar and Mehwish are not a business trip. They went there to talk about what they have to do next in life. Shahwar asks her that we are just like those passengers who take the wrong trains mistakenly. Now we know that we are on at wrong rout so we have to leave this train. Did you not think so. Take a strong decision and then inform me.

Mehwish makes a call to Shahwar and tells him, Danish is not allowing her to go for office. Shahwar asks her to talk to him clearly. But you did not deserve that small flat as a home. He asks that I am so helpless. I want to come to your home and take you there. You should talk to him clearly. I am ready to give my all wealth to Danish; in return, he gives me Mehwish.
Mehwish is afraid of Danish. Danish wants Mehwish to write a resignation letter and tomorrow I will return him that money and Mehwish resignation letter to Shahwar.

Monty comes to give invite Danish for a building management meeting which is going to be held tomorrow. He again praises Mehwish for his beauty.

But Danish is trying his best to make Mehwish happy. He does not know about Mehwish’s thoughts. He asks Mehwish that Rummi is disturbed because of us so we will go out in the evening to make him happy. We spent time with each other. Mehwish does not give any positive response.

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Mehwish behavior is very rude even for nothing. On returning home, Rummi starts talking to the building guard. Mehwish becomes angry as to why Rummi is talking to Guard. Danish make her remind that when we are not available he did take care of Rummi. He is not a bad man.
She starts again fighting for those reasons why you said like this.
Danish tries to make him sure that I do not have bad intentions. She says why you stop me from office. Danish makes its final decision you will never go to office whatever happens.
Mehwish behavior is so offensive. Danish tries his best to make her understand that we have family and love each other. This is not a cheap flat. It is our home. she takes her final decision that I will not want to live with you.

However, Danish is totally in shock. He smoking continuously and thinks that Mehwish says this all in anger. He again goes to Mehwish and asks her to go inside the room. Whereas, Mehwish is again saying to go for office. Danish refuses this. he says we should think about the second option. You can work anywhere else.
Mehwish behavior is very harsh but danish talks to her politely. He again makes her remember that we love each other and what about Rummi. He really needs us.

Above all, the next morning, in-office Danish ask Mateen Sahb for a loan of eighty thousand rupees. Mateen Sahb becomes a good friend of Danish and he truly cares for him. Finally, he agrees to give him a loan.

When Danish went to the office she makes a call to Shahwar, he asks her to take a decision whether you want to live with me or with Danish. If you are thinking about Rummi, I will provide everything to him. Now luxury life is more important than love and attention.
Mehwish tells her that Danish is coming toward you to return five lac rupees. He will misbehave with you.
Though, Shahwar asks to handle all the matters. He said I will make a deal with him that he takes the money and give you divorce. But, now if he asks you to take a divorce your answer should be yes.

However, in mery pass tum ho episode 10, Mehwish exceeds her all limits. Since she is doing this all, she should be feeling ashamed for what she has done. She does not care even for her son. Danish never talks to her in a high tone. Though, she is unfaithful to him. Shahwar is going to ruin their life. Danish is ready to do everything for her and she does not care for. Therefore, the drama is going very emotionally. Everyone is feeling hate for Shahwar and Mehwish for being unfaithful. Dram is becoming more interesting. What will the Danish do next? So, will Shahwar realized that he is going to ruin many lives? Will Mehwish realize the worth of true love or leave Danish. Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of mery pass tum ho.


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