Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 1 Review

Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 1 Review

Drama Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 01 review

Mery pass tum ho is a very popular drama nowadays. Basically the Pakistani drama industry is already famous all over the world and mery pass tum is also one of the most popular dramas of Pakistan. Mery pass tum ho drama is produced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib under their production company Six Sigma Plus directed by Nadeem Baig. The story of mery pass tum ho drama is written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. The leading characters of this drama are Danish Akhtar (Humayun Saeed), Mehwish (Ayeza Khan), Shehwar Ahmad( Adnan Saddique), Hania (Hira Mani) and Rummi (Shees Sajjal Gul). Let’s start with Mery Pass Tum Ho Episode 01.

Another reason for the popularity of drama mery pass tum ho is the acting of all actors. Everyone in the drama performed their job fabulously. Humayun Saeed, Adnan Saddique, Ayeza Khan and Hira Mani are already top actors of Pakistan. Again in this drama, their acting proves their skills. But the acting of Shees Sajjal Gul is impressive and heart touching. Everyone in the drama does their best. 

The title song of this drama is also a very famous mery pass tum ho which is sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and composed by Naveed Nashaad and the lyrics are written by again Khalil-ur- Rehman Qamer.

The story of this drama is very strong and emotional because the story of mery pass tum ho is revolving around Danish (Humayun Sayeed) and Mehwish (Ayeza khan). The story is about moral values, emotions, loyalty. This story tells that relations are very important than wealth, status and luxuries. They have a son named Rummi Danish is a government officer and tries his best to make his family happy. But suddenly there is an entry of Shahwar Ahmad (Adnan Saddique) and the whole story changes. Here is the review of the first episode of mery pass tum ho and concludes whether this drama deserves this popularity or not.

The first episode of mery pass tum ho was an introductory episode Danish and Mehwish are going out with Rummi for a picnic. Danish is not very rich men and he is arguing with rickshaw driver for money. But he is also very loving and caring to his family. Mehwish is intelligent and tries to manage the things with their limits but at the same time, she has many wishes. They are coming back to home there Mehwish showed Danish a beautiful necklace which she wants to purchase for herself. Its price is about 80 to 90 thousand rupees. After this Danish is continuously thinking about that necklace as he wants to fulfill her wife’s wish.  

Mehwish asks him that it is not compulsory so no need to be worried about the next day. Danish continuously thinking about how can he fulfill his wife’s wishes?

At home, Mehwish friend Anoshy comes. Anoshy seemed to be a very materialist girl. Firstly she teased her that she did not buy that necklace which she wants to buy till yet. Then she asks about Rummi School. Mehwish feels very bad and asks that now Danish will definably do something for her.

Here at office Muhbat Ali comes to the Danish office and asks for illegal work from him. Danish thinks it’s totally wrong as he is a government employee and government property is the property of the nation and he cannot dishonest with the nation. It is also against the rules of his father. Muhabat Ali tries his best to make him agree and ask him to give two lac as a bribe to him. He asks to think of his family, your child there are lots of needs you have to fulfill. Danish asks for some time he makes a decision. 

While Danish coming back to home, he goes to jeweler shop and find out the price of necklace. Its price is one lac three thousand rupees. On dinner, Danish tells her about the price of the necklace and she tells about the marriage of Anoshy brother. Danish react normally on this and ask her to be ready tomorrow we will go shopping and there is also a surprise for you.

On the way to the office, Danish meets her neighbor Monty who is in a car. Danish asks the price of that car as he wants to buy this car next month. Danish reached office, police and anti-corruption officers are already there who is already arresting his senior officer for a bribe. Because of the investigation, he does not go home. 

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Mehwish is angry with Danish as he did not fulfill his promise. Danish tells her the whole story at the office. Danish says I will sell my motorbike and but Mehwish is not happy because bikes worth’s only thirty thousand rupees. And the necklace price is one lac three thousand rupees. Danish asks her that he will break his rules and now he will take money as a bribe and must fulfill my family’s wishes. Mehwish gives him the idea of taking a loan from friends and friends to help in times of need.

Then the next day he goes to the office and talks to his senior officer who was arrested last day. He told me that the money can buy anything I offered them twenty lac rupees and I got bail after the court time. It’s a normal act nowadays. Danish ask him as a loan of two lac as he promises his wife to buy a necklace for her. He gives him two lac in cash.

Though the first episode of mery pass tum ho is an introductory episode and Danish seems to be honest and men of rules but more than this he loves his wife a lot and can do anything for her. But, what will happen in the next episode? Will he succeed in fulfilling her wife’s wishes or what will he do next for his wife. Will, he forgot his quality of honesty completely or not. Let see what happens in the next episode.


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