Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 22 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb 22nd Episode Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 22 Review

“Ishq Zahe Naseeb” is on top of trendsetting drama that continues to appeal to its audience with a story of ill-fated lovers that have hit a massive road bump in their lives along. 22 episodes are down till now and we’ve seen Kashif’s struggle with moving on along with his fiancé Donia. Whereas Gohar and Sameer are going to marry soon. However, a significant twist is coming back in Gohar’s life, one that she hadn’t projected so far. So let’s see what is happening in Ishq Zahe Naseeb 22 episode.

In this episode, Akbar caught red-handed but it was not sure why he did this. It was a slow poison but he was waiting for the right time when Gohar will share every single thing with Sameer. And that moment, Akbar will show him the real picture. He himself took matters in his own hands to end up in getting caught. Whereas Noora seems Sabiha’s loyal man and the luggage that Akbar carries is something that nobody is able to understand. We are worried when Sameer is going to find out some stuff about Surraiya begum. And we are waiting to see that happening and I hope the director is not saving for so long. 

The episode finally comes where Sameer and Gohar got married. Sameer again puzzled with his own complexes. He misjudges Gohar again as he thinks she decided to marry him because of his wealth. These are Sameer’s own feelings that he channels out mostly. Sameera is criticizing Sameer over and over till he finally surrenders to her power on his dark. Gohar waits for Sameer to enter the room and, in an exceedingly significantly surprising and miserable scene; Gohar got an introduction of Sameer’s other face in the shape of Sameera.

 As Gohar stares at her new husband getting into the room and gets a different face of him, fully makeup and dupatta. Gohar’s expressions pull the viewer’s heart up their throat and we’re without a doubt blown away together with her expressions.

With the previews showing Sameera threatening Gohar’s life, this finish looks to be approaching in time. Gohar stares at her new husband and gets a transparent reflection of his personality. He came in front of her with full makeup and dupatta around his neck. The expressions of Sonya Hussain pull the viewer’s heart up their throat. There is an optimum level of disbelief, confusion and simply pure shock on Sonya’s face. Seeing, her bear such a lot in one episode – love, happiness, self-doubt, sorrow and so, ultimately, obtaining introduced to the opposite aspect of Sameer i.e. Sameera and belongings it destroys her dark, one can’t facilitate however condole with her.

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 With the previews showing Sameera threatening Gohar’s life, this finish looks to be approaching in time. We tend to simply can’t wait to watch the future episode.

Kashif seems upset upon Sameer and Gohar’s marriage news. He was not able to deal with it the day he came across Gohar in the meeting. Whereas Donia is showing her vulnerable side to Kashif every passing day. Particularly upon getting some info about Kashif’s past that he is still there. She asked validation from Kashif and when he couldn’t give some, she decided to do herself. 

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