Ishq Zahe Naseeb 30 Episode Review


Ishq Zahe Naseeb 30 Episode Review

 In the previous episode, Sameer attempt suicide. He is in hospital. Gohar is in the cell. Gohar is helpless. Sabeeha is feeling the pain of loneliness. Kashif goes to the cell to see Gohar. Let’s review Ishq Zahe Naseeb 30 episode which is last.

Here in the hospital, Sameer comes to consciousness, he tells the police that Gohar is innocent and he attempts suicide attempt with his own desire. He also confesses that he did the murder of Zoya, his Fiancée. He also gives a statement in which he transfers a portion of his property to Gohar.

However, in this episode, many unnecessary Scenes are added one of them is the reaction of the Gohar family on Sameer statement in which he confesses that he attempts suicide and Gohar. Still, suspense is created in the last episode as Kashif goes to the cell to receive Gohar and take her in the hospital to see Sameer. There, Doctor tells them that Sameer condition is critical. There Donia comes to see Sameer as Sameer is their business partner. So, there she meets Kashif and Gohar. She again misunderstands them. Kashif and Gohar instead of giving her any reason and tell her truth do not say anything.

Akbar tells Gohar about the Sameer statement that he said that Gohar is fully independent in her life and she can also take divorce from Sameer.

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Whereas, Sabeeha is in depression after the Sameer suicide. She has a feeling of regret and so that she commits suicide. Sabeeha’s character comes to its end. Sabeeha is a negative character till its end. She always makes other life difficult and terrible just the sake of wealth. In end, she is alone with her wealth and no one is available even for her funeral prayer.

But, Ismat Zaidi’s performance as Sabeeha is very amazing as she performed her negative role perfectly as it is real. Viewers have hate for Sabeeha’s character and them happy as she is no more in Sameer life.

Finally, Jahangir arrested by police as he threw acid on Gohar. Jahangir is also a negative character who always makes trouble for Gohar. It is good that he is arrested by police by strange thing is why police did not arrest him earlier? Anyways Jahangir’s father refuses to help him as it is the only way by which he got a lesson for his life.

Sameer is in a cell after he comes of consciousness. His behavior is still very strange and confused as he is not accepting Gohar in her life.

Gohar is doing the effort for Sameer. She goes to Zoya Sister and tells her that Sameer was psychiatric patient when he murder Zoya. It happened because of his disease.  Zoya’s sister promises her not to take any action against Sameer.

Gohar is very happy for Sameer but he is not. he does not have any aim in his life. Gohar is trying to make him understand as now his life is attaché to Gohar’s life.

One thing more revealed in this Scene that Sabeeha writes a letter to Sameer in which she exposes the negative character of Shakira. Shakira hated a lot Sameer because Sameer’s father ruined her life. so that she wants to take revenge from Sameer. Although the full story of Shakira is presented in this scene still there is a need for some clarification as in a scene someone takes away the Shakira son. It is still a mystery what happens to Shakira son and where is he?

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 Moreover, Donia decided to go abroad for completing her studies. In fact, she wants to go as she is hearted by Kashif. Gohar and Kashif finally take a step to solve the misunderstanding of Donia. They explain that Kashif is Donia’s husband and so he loves her. Kashif and Gohar do not have any relation.

It is the happy ending of Kashif and Donia’s story.

But after sometime Sameer recovered from his mental condition. Gohar buys some bangles and she gives it to Sameer. This very confusing scene as looking as she gives to Sameer. But finally, Sameer put these bangles to Gohar. Sameer completely recovers from his disease. He accepts Gohar in his life.

Overall, there is a happy ending in the Ishq Zahe Naseeb last episode. Yet, the theme of Drama is very sensitive, difficult, different and thriller. All the actors are brilliant and talented. Ishq Zahe Naseeb truly depicted how a person with mental illness is innocent. Additionally, the most amazing character of Ishq Zahe Naseeb is Zahid Ahmad. But this drama needs to be explained tittle bit more and remove all the extra scenes as there are repetitions of Shakira Scene many times. Outstanding performances by a single actor but especially Zahid Ahmad Sonia and Yumnah.  Their performances deserve the award. The storyline of Ishq Zahe Naseeb is unique. But unfortunately, this topic is always ignored. So, I hope so more shows will on this sensitive topic. Share your comments about Ishq Zahe Naseeb. 


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