Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 29 Review


Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 29 Review

The previous episode of Ishq reveals many things to Sameer. Sameer comes to know trough Gohar as her real mother is still alive. He also comes to know that Akbar is his uncle and the whole story of Sabeeha. Jahangir tells the love story of Gohar and Kashif and also sends him pictures of Gohar with Kashif.In the Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 29, everyone thinking that Sameer will take revenge for his mother from Sabeeha but he does not do so.

Sameer transfer all property to Sabeeha and Sabeeha does not expect this she is in shock. But suddenly he feels the fear of being alone. She tries to convince Sameer as she cares for him and she gives him love and attention as a mother from his childhood.

This scene has a lesson that wealth is never everything. Love, attention, and cares are very important for any human being. Sabeeha got the wealth for which she damages many lives. One of those lives is Sameer. Sameer becomes a psychiatric patient because of Sabeeha’s injustice behavior. Now she is begging for love and attention from Sameer. He decided to go to his real mother.

Sameer is already a psychiatric patient and after this, all happening at once he again considering that Shakira is only his friend as Gohar is unfaithful to him. He showed her pictures with Kashif as it is not misunderstanding it is reality.
Gohar does not say anything because Sameer does not want to listen to her. After revealing the truth of Sabeeha I was thinking that Sameer life becomes normal but everything going against it.

At night Sameer is talking to Shakira. Sameer knows that Shakira does not exist in real so he arguing to himself finally he conclude result that if Shakira does not leave him then he will leave her. He decided to suicide.
Gohar is also in a very panic situation. Sameer does not believe her anymore. He tries to shoot himself but Gohar trying to stop him. Finally, Sameer shoots himself.

Sabeeha is thinking that Sameer will leave her as he said that he was going to his mother. Then she comes to know about the death of Sameer’s mother.
As Sameer shoot himself, Sabeeha calls to police Station and report that Gohar shoots her son Sameer. Police come to Sameer villa and arrest Gohar.

From the previous situation, it was looking that Sabeeha has been changed but by this act, it is clear that she did not change. Why she calls the police and report against Gohar. The story is becoming more interesting and mysterious.

Gohar family comes to know that Gohar shoot Sameer and now she is in custody of the police. Her brother Saleem and his wife are blaming Gohar because they become notorious due to Gohar and Gohar is a characterless girl. At this Bushra (Gohar Elder Sister) answered him. She makes him realize what they have done with Gohar. How much Gohar sacrifices for her family?
Here is a lesson for people that in marriage, not the wealth and physical appearance and physical health only important. In marriage mental health of both partners is very important.

Although here we have attached to the character of Sameer, in reality, the marriage of Sameer and Gohar was very unfair. Sameer is a psychiatric patient but everyone is blaming Gohar and considered her as she is wrong. This kind of marriage ruined not only lived but also families. This topic is very sensitive to our society. But no one wants to talk about this but effects and ruins live.

Donia is in depression. Because Kashif cheats her .in this episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb, she comes to know from her father that Kashif did not hide anything. I know everything but Donia’s father asks him no tell Donia. He asked her to take a new start of her life as Kashif does not cheat her.

Sameer is on a ventilator in the hospital. Doctors seem to be disappointed about Sameer health
Now Sabeeha is feeling the pain of being lonely. She is calling Sameer as Sameer called his parents and help in childhood.
Kashif goes to the cell to meet Gohar. Gohar is happy as anyone in the world who feels her pain comes to meet her.

In Ishq Zahe Naseeb’s episode 29, the story is very sad. Sameer, who is the main leading role of drama attempts suicide. He is on the ventilator. Gohar is in custody of the police. she has blame of attempt of murder to Sameer. At this point, the drama becomes more interesting. What will happen to Sameer? What is going to happen with Gohar? And what will Sabeeha do next? Will Sameer recover? If he recovers, will he stand for Gohar? Let’s see how’s the story will end in the next episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb?


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