Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 28 Review


Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 28 Review

In the previous episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Gohar is trying her best to know the story of Sameer and also trying to deal with his psychological diseases. Here Sabeeha does not want so and he is trying to make hurdles in Gohar plan. She decided to meet the ex-fiancé of Gohar.
In Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 28, still, the story is going very slow and many unimportant scenes are added to the drama.

In the very first scene, Sabeeha meets Jahangir and makes a deal with him. She asks him to make a plan that Sameer makes her get out of the house. She agrees to give him a huge amount for this. This is a very long scene just for dragging the Drama.

However, Donia got the Gohar mobile number and makes a call to her. She teased her as to why she did this as her love Kashif and married to Sameer. It’s very unfair and hypocrisy. Gohar tries to explain to her but she did not listen to anything and rejects the call. However, it is very illogical that she does not give a signal chance to say everything. Donia is showing very conservative thoughts.

Jahangir’s Situation

Jahangir makes a call to Sameer and sends him pictures of Gohar with Kashif. The scene is dragging as Jahangir already tells him all the things on Call then why he insist to meet her. Sameer condition is critical as Jahangir calls Gohar characterless again and again.

He is thinking about when Shakira asks him not to trust Gohar as she is disloyal to you. Sameer is also remembering the when Sabeeha is asking from Gohar as where she goes daily. These all things make him sure that Gohar is disloyal and characterless.

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Gohar’s Letter

Sameer comes to home and got a surprise there. Nooran tells him that Gohar lives the home gives a letter to you. It is also very surprising as to why Gohar lives the home as she was so determined in her plans and she wants that Sameer become a normal person and she will do everything for the letter Gohar give an address and ask him to visit this address at least one time.

The next scene is a flashback scene of Shakira in which she comes to a home from the mental hospital and asking for only Five hundred Rupees. She is also talking about her son and says it’s good that my ‘son is not alive yet. Her expressions are very meaningful as she is going to do something very important. But still, the story is not disclosed completely.

Finally, here Sabeeha comes to know that Akbar got bail from jail and it is very surprising to her. Sabeeha is reaction very seems that now the game of Sabeeha is going to end. She hired a legal panel to handle all her legal matters but now the time to exposing her character, so no one can do anything.

Hence, Sameer goes to Gohar given Address, there he finds that Akbar is present there. Here Akbar tells him the whole story of Suriya. He tells that Sabeeha was a servant in Ahsan (Sameer father) office. Then Sabeeha plans to prove Suriya is a characterless woman. Then very cleverly she marries Ahsan. And I am the brother of Suriya.

For this reason, Akbar gave Sabeeha poison. He wants to take revenge from Sabeeha. Whereas, the story is reveling slowly as Suriya is the mother of Sameer and how Sabeeha proved her characterless.
When Sameer wants to meet Suriya, she died. It was a sad moment as after waiting for a whole life she even did not meet her son.

On the whole, there is another flashback in which Shakira is talking about Sameer and she is saying she save Sameer life and Sameer loves her a lot. Still the story of Shakira is very confusing. And the flashback scenes are puzzles that create more confusion. This is because of creating more curiosity and mystery to drama. The whole confusion and curiosity are going to end as now many things are clears and hopefully the full story will be explained in the next episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.

However, there are many questions about the story of Ishq Zahe Naseeb. What will be Sameer do? Will him able to handle himself as he is already a victim of psychological disease due to his childhood trauma. Will Gohar come back to Sameer’s life? What will Sabeeha do? Will Donia understand the Kashif situation and accepts him in her life? Will Kashif want to come back to Donia’s life? Therefore, let’s see what will happen in the next episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.


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