Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 27 Review


Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 27 Review

In the previous episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb, Gohar is trying to deal Sameer and for this, she tries to argue him but Sameer tried to kill her. Gohar is afraid of him so that she goes sway from his room. Gohar was trying her best to deal with Sameer diseases but Sameer is not showing a positive attitude. In Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 27 review, Gohar decided to go from there as Sameer is not want to be a normal person because he never shows any positive behavior.

In the morning Sameer is trying to stop Gohar from going. Gohar called him a murderer. Sameer tells her story of his childhood in tears. When he was a small child He was treated very badly by his stepmother. His father was killed. His stepmother uses to put him into the basement. If a child has a type of tragic childhood you are expecting the will be a normal person.

The strange thing I found there Sameer also knows that he is not normal then why he is not corporate with Gohar or with a doctor to become mentally healthy. But the acting of Zahid in this scene is very impressive as he has the pain on her face and voice when he was telling when he called his parents when he was alone in the basement.

Donia continuously thinking about Kashif and about the call which she receives on Kashif mobile. She is thinking that Kashif is involved in someone else and deceiving her. Donia due to depression reached to hospital. Kashif asks him where the problem is. She does not give him any response. If she is going to marry Kashif she should ask him at the very first stage to clear misunderstanding.

Sabeeha is happy because of last night’s behavior. She is degrading Gohar as she cannot live with Sameer and she has to go from there but Gohar is looking determined.

Gohar talks to Sameer doctor. The doctor tells her that this stage can be very dangerous for you and also for Sameer. For Sameer, it is not easy to recover from this disease and get rid of this dual personality disorder.
Gohar is decided to take this risk .she decided to help Sameer as she does not have any other aim in her life. She decided to go for any situation to make Sameer’s life normal.

At night Sameer is again in a very panic situation. He is feeling someone lockup him in the basement as he was locked up in his childhood. The acting of Zahid Ahmad is amazing as Sameer. As the expressions on his face are explaining the whole situation and pain without the words. He is crying while Gohar comes toward him. Gohar is dressing is just like Sameera. She is doing as Sameer accepts her as Shakira.

She makes him sure that she is with him and she is the one who is always with him when you feel alone. This scene is very emotional about how the panic situation was which Sameer has faced in his childhood.

Finally, after the hospital, Kashif asks him if there is any problem. Donia tells him about the call of Gogo on Kashif mobile. She is emotional as she did not listen to anything from Kashif.
Here Kashif did not give any explanation to Donia. He should explain the problem and so hiding the things creates misunderstanding. Kashif does not say anything to Donia and goes away. If he explains the situation to her she will understand him.

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Donia is also creating a funny situation. She is the person who works professionally .she has to handle a lot of matters in business on a daily basis. A single phone call about which she is not sure, reacting so much. I think this is all for dragging the story of drama.

Sabeeha decided to make Gohar out of the home and for this, she is planning to meet Jahangir. She wants to use him against Gohar.

Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 27, the story is not progressing as much as everyone has the curiosity to know the whole Story of Sameer childhood and want to know about what happens to Shakira. Gohar is trying her best to help Sameer. In last Sameer is accepting Gohar as his helper. But Sabeeha is going to do something wrong with Gohar. And Kashif is not making her clear all the things which create lots of confusion.

Let’s see what will happen next in drama Ishq Zahe Naseeb. Will we know the whole story of the traumatic childhood of Sameer and Shakira? What will Sabeeha plans to do with Gohar and will she succeed in it? Will Gohar got success and Sameer becomes a normal person. Will Donia come to knows that Kashif does not deceive her. Let’s see what answer we find in the next episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb.


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