Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 25 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 25 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 25 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 25 has just aired on Hum TV and I am glad that there is a lot of progress seen in almost all the characters. But again, this episode ended on a cliffhanger but pretty obvious what it is going to be. Anyways let’s move to the story of the drama. 

In Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 25, this is for the first time; I thought Kashif should be honest and truthful to Donia. Even though he was not into her but he got engaged to her, he made a sacrifice. Gohar is married so Kashif needs to move on too. He must pay attention to his relationship and try his hard to keep this relationship alive. The first thing Kashif needs to do is to say everything to Donia honestly so that she knows with whom she is dealing and how she can take care of his emotional position. She deserves Kashif’s attention, honesty, and truthfulness.

We all saw how Gohar made an effort, seek permission, inform Noorah and let Sabeeha know that she needs to see her family. She asked Sameer twice, she is now super cautious and doing everything according to Sameer’s will that is already set by him. 

Sameer is beyond doubt being very particular about Gohar, so it just didn’t seem persuasive that she went to see Akbar. So, Gohar met her family and she got the chance to set the record straight. I am glad her family is done with because their scenes were fillers anyways and didn’t have much to offer. 

However, Jahangir’s scene was an important scene which came as a shock to Kashif. Jahangir remains challenging stuff for everyone and that is why Donia immediately figured that something wrong is going on with Kashif.

Sameera’s confessed in front of Gohar about Sameer and his complexes. Sameer has always relied on Sameera to conduit out his inner feelings, his secrets, his fears, and complexes. Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 25 Review That’s why he once again relied on her to let Gohar know that he was afraid of heartbreak. He was lifting his guards and he didn’t want to be get fooled. 

Gohar is getting to find out more and more about him and Sameer is letting Gohar know everything about him gradually. She is picking up on all the details which are helping her identify with Sameer better. 

On the other side, Shakira has turned out to be Sameer’s real mother and she is the woman sitting in the wheelchair in the old age home. Sameer is bitter for the word ‘mother’ but he has developed those feelings for Shakira. In one of Sameera’s scenes, it was depicted that in his imagination he sees her in the get up of his mother that is why he is so emotional about her. 

The scene in which Shakira plays with a toy and sees it as her child was so heart-breaking. It was brilliantly acted by Yumna Zaidi. In that scene, she explained everything that Shakira went through; a rape victim who had a child, whom she loved dearly but had to lose him. The last scene might confuse some of the viewers where Shakira was seen telling Sabeeha that she punished herself by killing Ehsan. It means Ehsan was very much alive when Shakira came back to take care of Sameer and she killed him when she got the chance. 

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All the actors have done a great job and I hope they continue to disclose the story in the upcoming episodes without any delays as there is no time left to drag. 

Do share your thoughts about the episode. 

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