Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 24 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 24

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 24 Review

Gohar wanted to know more about her husband Sameer but she didn’t tell her whatever she wanted to know. Sameer is taking Gohar to take too lightly and he believes that she is not able to deal with his 2nd face and she couldn’t accept him. But I was expecting to see Gohar dealing with Sameera in this episode but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see this happening in the episode. Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 24 started with the Gohar looking for Sameer’s answers about his personality that he fabricated in front of the world. 

Gohar then met Kashif and Donia, she got to see Sameer’s stepmother and then she met Akbar and after what we witnessed was unbelievable. She was applying lipstick on Sameer’s lips. I am sure I didn’t miss something or were there some flashbacks in the middle of these scenes? If not then I must say that the director and the writer both have missed those important scenes, where Sameer becomes comfortable being in that get up when Gohar is around him. That scene depicts that they have been living together for so long that there isn’t any distance in between them while having so many ambiguities. Again Gohar has broken the ice and steadily let Sameer feel comfortable being with her in his space. Gohar has been portrayed in this drama as a superwoman who can do wonders as she has some invisible magic powers. All this was so sudden and abrupt and we need literally some time to accept it. Lots of important scenes have been skipped so far, anyways maybe later that missed moments might be shown in the flashbacks. We never know what’s coming in our ways. 

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Apparently a lot happened in this episode, Gohar conversation with Kashif, Donia, Mrs. Sabeeha, and Akbar and accepted the reality of Sameer.  The writer is now trying to show Shakira as a human being. The last scenes of this episode put several scattered things into a perspective and showing lots of scenes showing Shakira and she is the biological mother of Sameer. And on the other hand, the director has shown Shakira as an integral part of the drama. And Akbar is taking care of the woman is Shakira; Sameer’s mum.

But all these happenings let us know that Shakira was abused by his boss most probably Ehsan. She had a baby boy and the boss took the baby from her and throws her away. Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 24 Review So what actually is going on is, Ehsan wed Shakira, they have a baby named Sameer. Due to some clashes, he got the baby and gets rid of Shakira.  

But I am confused here, why would Shakira behaved like this, she is the one who is responsible for Sameer’s personality disorder. Anyways, I feel that the director is adding more details in characters at this point. Somehow the ending has been decided to change and that’s fine. But somehow it seems that the writer is being pushed to change the storyline as there is a misconnection in the characters. This might be a big achievement of the director that drama is in its final episodes and we as a viewer are still guessing and wondering the final output of the drama. 

Do share your thoughts about the episode. 

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