Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 20 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb ep 20 review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 20 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 20 the whole episode was at the optimum level, it’s one scene added a new dimension in the story. Sami Khan, Zahid Ahmed and Sonya Hussian have put their effort to make this drama to the next level. In the current episode, Gohar arrives for a meeting in her office. And she was shocked to see Kashif seated there. Both of them have controlled their emotions throughout the meeting. After meeting, Gohar congratulates Kashif on his engagement and tells him that she is going to marry soon. 

Sameer seem hurt after knowing the reality of Gohar loving someone before him. That reminds him of the conversation between “Sameer” &” Sameera” that Gohar, Zoya, Shakra every woman left him whom once he loved. As he is just worthy of hatred and not love. There is the perplex persona of Sameera character in the drama, she has been kind enough for Sameer but now she is haunting him somehow. In fact, Sameer’s character is not a villain’s character but the one with a rough childhood, twisted stepmother, father’s death. And every situation was never in his favor from a young age. And at this point, the thought of losing Gohar was beyond belief. 

Sameer takes Gohar out for a dinner and purposes her properly. He told her that he loves her which left Gohar surprised. We can call it a coincidence that Kashif and Donia were also there and Kashif saw how Sameer purposed Gohar. The scene was quite intense and the expressions of both characters were just amazingly spot-on. 

He can’t wait for her acceptance and then he saw Kashif’s presence there that makes him more concerned. Gohar’s acceptance of her proposal worked well and this overcomes all of his fears. He was happy at that moment but he was sure that he is hiding something very important from Gohar. This is turning his entire equation bit complex but it’s going to be interesting how Gohar will take it. 

Saleem visits Sameer’s office and puts his “conditions for the marriage” which were taught by his wife. However, Sameer was well aware of his greedy nature; though he accepted his conditions. But this time he put down his own condition also; Gohar’s family will never visit their place after marriage. Sameer seems confused after this condition, thinking is he attempting to save Gohar or putting her in his control by isolating her loved ones and keep her to himself. 

Kashif and Gohar have phone call was tear-filled conversation. Both wished to be together but not able to take themselves out of their shackles. Kashif seems upset after getting knowledge about Gohar and Sameer’s proposal. This episode ends with something new about Sameer’s personality and that is Sameera is discussing her own death with Sameer. She told him that he has to save her as he witnessed her dying. This scene was intense and left the viewers confused.

All these make this episode the amazing and phenomenal one. And I cant wait to learn more about Gohar, Sameer, Sameera, Kashif and their fate that brings something challenging to the, 

Do share your thoughts about Ishq Zahe Naseeb 20th episode. Keep watching, keep reading and keep supporting. 

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