Ishq‌ ‌Zahe‌ ‌Naseeb‌ ‌Episode‌ ‌18 Review‌ ‌

Ishq Zahe Naseeb ep 18 review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 18 ‌Review‌ ‌

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 18 is nothing but an emotional roller coaster with lots of happenings in the characters of the drama. Every passing episode is unfolding the multi-layered story while talking about some serious family matters that keep us hooked to the screen. 

In the previous episode Sameer’s stepmother fired Gohar from her house because she can smell the insecurity that Sameer has fallen in love with her. Whereas Sameer offered her better position in his office and now she is going to work with Sameer and Jabbar industries, which means she will definitely see Kashif in coming episodes. Gohar and Kashif cant forget their connection yet they are not in touch with each other. Kashif accepted Dabia just because of Jabbar but he is still having feelings for Gohar. On the other side, Gohar is disturbed when she knows about Kashif getting engaged with Donia. 

Sabiha was not against Gohar as her governess but it’s not prevailing anymore. And that’s why she insulted her in front of people. Such attitude showed the insecure and coward side of Sabiha begam where she is competing with Gohar indirectly. Sameer finds himself in a comfort when Gohar is around him. And I personally feel interesting the way Sameer expresses his feelings to Gohar in a very subtle way. And he tries to spend more time with Gohar, this let us found more depth in their such relationship. Till now we were thinking that Sabiha begam really cared about his stepson. But now it’s confirmed that she is doing all this. Because of his late husband’s will which he left before dying.

Everything was under Sabeeha’s control till this time but now she thinks not everything is going according to her plans. She just gets upset because Sameer is not going to do whatever she has planned. 

Since Bushra’s marriage this was the first time that we saw an insight into her relationship with her in-laws. Her husband was typical dominating man, and mother in law doesn’t believe in giving her freedom that she deserves. In this episode, Jahangir gets arrested by police in case of throwing acid on Gohar and his father needs to pay to bail him out. He is more eager to take better revenge from Gohar. Once he gets out of the jail, he is going to commit something bigger and harsher than the past. Jahangir’s father character is amusing as he is always shown focusing on counting money or eating food in a weird way. 

I don’t understand at some point why Gohar is so curious to know about Sameer’s real mother, upon her visit to Sameer’s old house we came across Akbar chacha. He works at Sameer’s place and he is the only person who visits Sameer’s real mother. He shows himself the brother of his mother, now let’s see what he has about Sameer’s past that he will tell Gohar. 

However, Kashif cant help himself about thinking for Gohar all the time especially when it comes to Donia and engagement thing. I am sure that Gohar and Kashif are going to meet soon again after the little contact at Shrine. 

Now Sameera has disappeared as Gohar replaced her, and he is feeling comfortable with her in every situation. And now that he started liking Gohar she did the same again with him.

What do you say about this, is this me or you are thinking the same way?

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