Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 16 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb ep 16 review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 16 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 16 focused on how Donia is connecting with Kashif; and same goes with Gohar and Sameer personally. Everyone of them have a very different background level but I must say there is something common in all of these characters. Ther mental wavelength is almost the same and there is feel a put for everyone. 

After a long time, Donia finally got someone with whom she feels excited and happy about. He isn’t just a colleague for her and she understands well that whatever is there in between their bonding is a lot deeper and meaningful.

Other side, Sameer is also interested in Gohar and he just want to explore the world with Gohar. He has been in a miserable life and she is the one who makes him happy. That’s why he is always looking for excuses to spend time with her. Gohar admires the soft corner of him but she really can’t understand what actually is in his mind.

Gohar keep mentioning about the loan money, which shows how self reliant kind of person she is. She doesn’t want to give impression to her boss that she has forgotten about the money that her family has lent. Even though Sameer never wanted Gohar to feel burden about the money. 

At dargah, Gohar and Kashif once again after a long time crossed paths but with someone else. They met where they have shared, planned and have beautiful memories of being with each other. The flashback was done perfectly at the moment. Both of them hold themselves responsible for their relationship break up. They have guilty in their heads and they have their families to take care of. This is kind of a big burden that they are carrying in their hearts. 

The scene played at darag was totally mysterious, as the Fakir could guess the dual personality of Sammer and commited to help him. Sammer was shocked as he was not expected anyone to know his secret because it was out of the blue. Zahid Ahmed portrayed the emotions in this scene fabulously. 

Gohar also met that lady who told about her fate in the early episode, but she didn’t put much into it as she was feeling the fact that she has seen Kashif after such a long time.

Jabbar and Kashif met with Sameer and he is yet unaware of the fact that he has connection with Gohar. Lets see if he will find it out or not, and if he get to know what would be his reaction. Jabbar talked to kashif about Donia’s purposal but the way he talked to kashif was more sounds like a commanding tone. His such tone plead like a boss and not shows him as a father talkingabout her daughter. 

Jabbar’s sixth sense told him that Donia is relying on Kashif a lot more than he realizes. That’s why he wants both of them to end up together. He has seen as a father that her daughter has fallen so he doesn’t want to see her again heartbroken. That’s the reason he spoke to Kashif in such open manner, make sure that he is not going to left her. Jabbar seems selfish but as a father of such a daughter. He can least try to save her girl which is sweet in its own way.

Sameer wants Gohar to stay but he don’t get courage to say it to her and I hope he is going to say her soon. So hope we will see it happening in the coming episodes. 

Here’s the promo of this episode.


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