Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 08 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb 8th Episode Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 08 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 08 has aired with all its glory, and the story is getting interesting by every single passing scene. In the last episode, Kashif’s struggle and honesty towards his work changed Donia’s mind about men. And the same time Kashif gets to know why she is complaining all the time, figured out about her behavior. Why she had guards all the time with her and firmly believes in giving a hard time to others. 

The moment Kashif was giving a presentation about the project, in Donia’s mind somewhat she was connecting him with Farhan her fiancé. I appreciate the way how they took viewers to the back flash and show us what kind of relationship was there. They had to link for each other but they were not soulmates and that was very obvious. There was no mental wavelength and no compatibility in the relationship. 

Farhan felt he is in a trap and suffocation can kill him anytime being concerning strong-willed, opinionated and level headed people like Donia. The same feelings were there in Donia’s mind that he is not much into her as much so she continued to ignore him. Donia was in contradiction because she loves Farhan too much, she didn’t want to think about the chances of being not loved by the person who is a world for her. 

Another side, Sameer minded his way and allowed Gohar to make decisions about his house from now on. She has asked him to allow her so she can change some interior of the house. He allowed her by saying that his mother can better decide on this topic. Sameer accepted that Gohar’s presence in the house is bringing some positive change. Gohar told him also that his mother doesn’t have any disease but she is just lonely and she made a personal request to spend some time with her which he accepted. Sameer was happy as he has seen that Gohar’s presence has a good influence on his mother so he was kind towards Gohar. And he was relaxed that Gohar is not going to run away like the previous governesses.

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Gohar’s career is filled with challenges & hardships; it’s not an easy job by any means that however, Jahangir is currently creating her personal life hard too. Gohar has most on her plate however she is simply doing her part as a result of she desires what’s best for her family. This whole crease to choose & drop Gohar was, therefore, real & typical at a similar time. Individuals couldn’t stop talking & anybody for a second thought that Gohar should be doing one thing religiously; they only judged her as per their perception & restricted vision. Jahangir determined to point out what he was made of to Gohar by barging into Sameer’s home; on the other hand, Sameer gets involved. 

Sameer was additionally coping with the regenerate pain of losing Zoya. Her relative showed up & defendant Sameer of being a mischief-maker. Sameer all over again didn’t trouble others & place a brave face ahead of everybody. However when he noted that she was Zoya’s relative; he couldn’t take it out of his mind.

Zahid Ahmed and Sonya Hussain are polishing off their responsibility well-disciplined way. Zarnish Khan has given a perfect treatment to Donia’s character. I would like to visualize a bigger quantity of Sami Khan. And that I am happy that the subsequent scene indicated Kashif lashing out on Donia. It will be intriguing to look at.

 It would be ideal if you share your contemplations regarding these scenes of Ishq Zahe Naseeb 8th episode.


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