Ishq Zahe Naseeb Ep 15 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Ep 15 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb ep 15 review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 15 is the most interesting of all the previous episodes, perhaps it took us deep down inside the Sameer’s past and bad happenings directly associated with his childhood and to his stepmother. This drama serial has absolutely amazing and exceptional performances that take hold of our attention for its forthcoming situations. This is beautifully captured that without uttering a single word, impeccable emotions and feelings have been conveyed and we as a viewer understand all of the unheard feelings of the characters. No doubt, the director has all the credit for bringing out such brilliant acts but the performers take it well. 

Now it’s very sure that Sameer has developed feelings for Gohar yet he is afraid of his emotional bond with a girl could harm her and this is what he doesn’t want to happen at all. He can’t forget her fiancé Zoya who got dead for the same reason and there is fear in his head that it might happen to Gohar if they got to be attached to that extent. There is frustration on his face which we can see, there is a hardcore fight with him, Zahid Ahmed is taking credits for all of the expressions and body language. I must say he is on the peak of showing his true gestures in this play. 

And there is the same situation going on with Gohar, she seems confusing whether she should ask Sameer or not about Zoya’s murder. Now, this is up to her whether she is going to investigate further or focus on her job. 

And at the same time, she has made up her mind that he is a kind man from inside. And she is not going to believe the rumors about his personality. Sameer was just kind for her in the beginning but as of now, he has developed some special feelings for her and she is not aware of it. 

It is obvious from the beginning that Gohar has a curious nature and that’s my favorite nature. And she is not afraid of losing anything. She is just super inquisitive and she can’t settle until uncovers herself what she wants to know. And that’s the only reason she is getting more about Sameer’s personality even she has been advised to stay out. But she is not afraid of the results, she knows all she is doing just for the goodwill of Sameer. And this can help her in crossing all the boundaries.

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Now on the other side, it is very refreshing to see Kashif and Donia working happily and sharing their thoughts. But this one-sided romantic inclination of Donia is going to be a major issue for the guy. Her health condition is getting better day by day, she can stand on her own feet. Also trying to take small steps is one of the happiest moments for all the viewers. And the cast has seeped into the characters well; overall this seems the best piece of teamwork. 

What are your thoughts about Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 15??

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