Ishq Zahe Naseeb 4th Episode Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb ep 4 review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb 4th Episode Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb 4th episode is the perfect blend of drama and emotions set in the realities of a cruel life. I must say this episode is an absolute treat to watch. 

In the 3rd episode, Gohar and Kashif planned to go for court marriage and they were ready to go for. And Bushra was the one who helps them in making such a bold decision. Both Kasif & Gohar have responsibilities that needs special consideration. All this make them take their paths and cancel the court marriage plan. And they did the same without informing each other. And they didn’t talk after abandoning and trying to deal with their family problem by themselves. 

Bushra’s Marriage

Bushra finally got married, and in the same ceremony, Gohar gets engaged with her cousin Jahangir. For sure, Gohar has taken this step for her family. Gohar was very desperate with the engagement announcement as Jahangir was not an easy man to go with. But at the same time, she was happy. As her sister’s marriage ceremony was as they wanted. Gohar was also sad as she knows that her elder sister is not going to be with her in bad situations. 

New Character Introduced

In this episode, the tragic death of Sameer’s fiancé is disclosed. It’s clear that Sameera played by Yumna Zaidi who has capture Sameer’s mind and she is the reason he killed his fiancé. 

In this episode, Sameer’s fiancé tragic death is disclosed. It’s clear that its Sameera who is playing by Yumna Zaidi. Sameera is the character who has captured Sameer’s mind. And she is the reason behind Sameer’s fiancé death.

Gohar applied for the job, and Sameer considered her application and appoints her as a governess of his stepmother. Gohar accepted the offer as she realized she has no option to refuse this opportunity. She was eager to find a job to escape from Kashif’s thoughts. Gohar makes her mind that being busy can distract the imagination of his emotions.

Now, this is the time when the story is going to develop a real situation.

Kashif application got rejection which he applied for his sister’s wedding and this makes him more worried. Meanwhile, Kashif gets a good job with a handsome raise in his salary. 

Ishq Zahe Naseeb ep 4 review

In this episode, a new character introduced Donia handicap played by Zarnish Khan, she is the boss of kashif.

Dania is the quite rude and strict boss, this made Kashif’s first day at the new office bit bad. But he is absorbing all the harsh words of his boss as he desperately needs money. 

Gohar got realized that her boss is the tough man and he is going to give her a hard time but she accepts the job as a challenge. 

It was obvious that Kashif is also going to suffer in this job but at the same time, he was so heart wrench that he has nothing to feel. Therefore, he is trying to move on as he knows very well that he is the caretaker of his family.

All this makes me think how both Gohar and Kashif are dealing with almost the same situation. And their bosses are going to rule their lives and there will be no way to get out of this.

Sameera in Disguise of Sameer

In this episode, Sameera character is a little bit disclosed which makes this episode more interesting. Shakira was Sameer’s babysitter, and she had some psychological issues. Sameer got all traits from his babysitter as his stepmother couldn’t pay much attention in his upbringing. This might be the reason for Sameer’s personality disorder but all this makes me more attracted to this drama.

Let’s see what happened in episode 5.


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