Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 17 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb ep 17 review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 17 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 17 was quite interesting, good to see the story is progressing at a good pace. And every passing moment brings some interesting scenarios. In this episode, Sameer and Kashif both came together for their business project. She has admitted Kashif’s potential and she believes that he can deal with the project vigilantly.

Donia sometimes feels insecure once she knows about Kashif that he has been in love with someone else. She has finally confessed that she is in love with Kashif. But yes she told him in a very mature and balanced way. 

Now at this very moment Kashif has seen him at crossroads, for sure he couldn’t forget Gohar yet couldn’t move on. He is only facing the pain putting a bravery mask on his face. He couldn’t forget her and still, he lives her by heart and couldn’t put out these feelings. Same time both of them believe that they have betrayed each other by taking care of their families and left each other. They only prioritize their family matters over themselves. 

Sameer got to know that one of her employees Natasha is the spy planted by her stepmother and she tells her every single. Sabiha doesn’t want Sameer and Gohar to be with each other because she knows well about Gohar that she is not just a sharp girl but also intelligent. There is some personal interest in Sabiha in Sameer’s personal and professional life and that’s the only reason she doesn’t like Gohar to be around his son. 

Sameer took Gohar back to work and the way he chose was amazing, for the first time he used his card here; a cheque given to her family. This was just an excuse, he just not want to lose her. He has developed lots of liking for her, and when he knows about the spy put around him by his stepmother, he became a little more eager. 

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Gohar’s curiosity took her to Sameer’s real mother; she will listen about the fact of what’s wrong with the family that had a bad impact on Sameer’s personality. She already made her impression on Suraya begum; Sameer’s mother. So we are just hoping to listen to something truly from her. 

Sameer and Sabiha have a serious argument and it was intense. He thought that everything is under his command but then Sabiha played her role. Sabiha played the role of being a victim as she is the one who took care of a kid selflessly. And raised him like her own son, and this is what he is going to do with her. But it was wrong, she only looked after him. There are her some personal interests and she knows when and how to gain a lot out of it. She only tolerated him as per her husband’s will so she had no choice.

Sabiha also knows about Sameer’s split personality and she cashed it fully. She also threatened him to expose him in front of people again and again. And this was for the first time he was not taking her seriously and Gohar was the only reason behind all this.

So this was all about Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 17, now what will happen in the coming episodes, let’s hope for the best and interesting!!

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