Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 14 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb ep 14 review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 14 Review

The previous episode of Ishq Zahe Naseeb ended on the extreme of the whole drama when Jahangir throws acid as an act of revenge on Gohar after canceling marriage. Since that time, we were waiting for Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 14 to see what happened to Gohar. Finally, the episode comes with the best of it. Gohar is lucky enough to escape the acid attack on her face; she just got a few bruises on her hand. 

In this episode, Gohar and her family have developed a high regard for Sameer as he is the one who is taking care of their all bad times financially and has also taken good care of Gohar when she needed him the most.

Gohar has now concluded that he is been interested in her and she has also started to feel that she understands him well. That’s why she has got a soft corner for Sameer and she knows bit well about him as compared to others.

Same goes with Sameer, he has started feeling too much concerned about Gohar, he gets restless if something wrong happens to her and he accepts that he is helpless in this regard. But he is not ready to accept at this moment that he has fallen in love with Gohar. However, he has respect and appreciation for her, he admires her dedication towards her responsibilities and regardless of all this he has fear inside him that won’t allow him to accept the fact that he has feelings for her. 

There is a lot of shyness in Sameer’s personality even he is not able to face Sameera. He is afraid of opening up this secret on Gohar, he doesn’t want to get exposed in front of her. And that’s the major reason for his boundness towards Gohar. 

The best thing about Sameer’s character is the fact that he is a good and compassionate human being. But unfortunately, he is a victim of situations where his step-mother has played an important role. So now he is stuck badly with the personality he has been living since his childhood. This is getting in his way all the time and holds back him from being the best person as much as can be. 

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After throwing acid, Jahangir ran away like a coward guy. His parents trying to clear the mess by controlling all the damage done by their son. But here comes the turn of Gohar’s parents, and they are not going to back this time.

But this is all that Gohar’s father wants, and her mother is still a silent observer. Whereas she doesn’t have the courage to call spade a spade. 

Otherside, Zoya’s cousin doesn’t only want to expose Sameer but also planning to contact Gohar. She thinks that Gohar is the one who can answer all of her ambiguities. This seems a bit unexceptional but luckily this is all I can call; Saima got there when Bushra was showing her gratitude to Sameer for being so nice and kind. And this makes Saima believed that there is something very different, unusual and strong bond between Sameer and Gohar. 

Donia and Kashif’s track is the same as of the Sameer and Gohar’s. Kashif working great with his job responsibilities. There is a clear sense that both of them have a business collaboration going to happen in the future. Let’s see what is going to happen in the next episode. 

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