Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 13 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb ep 13 review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb Episode 13 Review

Ishq Zahe Naseeb is ruling on the silver screen, the writer and the director Hashim Nadeem is working patiently and with tenderly on the serial to make it one of the hits of every character’s profile. In Ishq Zahe Naseeb episode 13 Kashif’s sister finally got married, and Donia attended the ceremony. She got to observe Kashif and his family closely; she could not help developing a soft corner in her heart. Donia was happy to see that people like Kashif still exist in this world that put their families ahead of them.

All the way, I couldn’t make myself stop in comparing the kinds of brothers in this serial; the writer has shown us in the form of Kashif and Saleem. Where Saleem only thinks about himself and his wife irrespective of what Gohar’s sufferings are. Kashif was keenly possessive about making sure whether his sister will be well-taken care in her in-laws. 

Donia and Kashif’s interaction at the event was genuinely done; she is opening more in front of him. As she has judged him on a different level, that’s why she feels comfortable being talking to him. And she could guess that she can connect to Kashif on an emotional note. But, she doesn’t have any feelings for Kashif yet she likes the kind of human being he is. Donia believes that he will be available and listens to her whenever she needs someone to talk to and also understands her. That’s the reason she is opening up a little more with him and doesn’t mind being helpless while talking to him. We as an audience can see that this friendship can be turned into some serious relationship in the future and we are desperately waiting for it.

At Sameer’s place, Gohar has some serious curiosity that leads her to go. And visit the basement where nobody was allowed to enter. Gohar did it unintentionally; she finds lots of stuff that’s related to Sameer’s childhood. Even though nobody saw her entering the basement but this scene was a Goosebumps for the little heart fellows. What if Sameer gets to this when she is here, what he will do to her? 

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Gohar and Sameer are sharing short but cute screens and the chemistry they have is heartwarming. Gohar openly talks about what she is feeling about his brother taken loan money from him. And Sameer responded to her about her threat of being caught to pay something to him. That she must not worry about the money anymore. 

But Khalid Malik has convinced us with his acting skills, as he multi-talented person. He can create the best scenes out in every situation. And watching him in a character of Jahangir is fun as he is sober and well mannered in other serials. So it’s a different kind of role that he is playing and yes not just playing, giving us the real feel of the Jahangir’s character.

However, Jahangir has decided to do something morally and ethically bad to Gohar just to take revenge being ignoring and rejecting him. And he said he will not let her go for someone else’s wife. He planned to hurt Gohar by throwing acid on her face but luckily she got to save herself from this cruel man and his plannings. Therefore, let’s wait and see what happened in the coming episodes. 

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