Heer Maan Ja Movie Review– Worth watching or not??

Heer Maan Ja Movie Review

Heer Maan Ja Movie Review– Worth watching or not??

Movie Heer Maan JA movie review is for those who didn’t decide yet which movie to go for, so we compiled some points so it’s up to you now!!

So, the Heer Maan Ja is one of the latest romantic and comedy Pakistani movies released with the other two blockbusters on the same date at the occasion of Eid ul Adha on Aug 12. Pakistani movies 2019 hit the box office certainly, we have watched some movies in the mid of this year and some upcoming Pakistani movies have waited fretfully. 

Producer —– —– —– —– Imran Raza Kami (IRK films)

Director   —– —– —– —– Azfar Jafri

Writer     —– —– —– —– Owais Korai Baloch

Music     —– — —– ——– Ahmed Ali

Main Cast 

  • Ali Rehman Khan as Kabeer Mustafa
  • Hareem Farooq as Heer
  • Faizan Shaikh as Wajdaan
  • Aamina Sheikh as guest appearance
  • Zara Sheikh after so long appear as guest

Pakistani film industry takes responsibility for releasing the movie on every Eid, to entertain people on their Eid vacations. And at the same time, people start supporting their local industry instead of Holly or Bolly wood. 

This Pakistani new film Heer Maan Ja is obviously as the name depicts derived from the play Heer Ranjha, where Heer is set to marry Wajdaan. As we all know, the movie revolves around Heer’s attempt to escape from the wedding ceremony; every time she tried to run away she met Kabeer who agrees to help her in escaping from this marriage. 

Without any doubt, the cast is amazing and the direction and production have no flaws but there are many loopholes in the plot which left the audience dissatisfied. For example, Kabeer diagnosed with cancer in the opening of the movie makes no sense; Heer has lots of glamorous clothes during her escape which seem quite unnatural. 

Both Kabeer and Heer dressed to impress everyone, they have tough situations but they look pretty in every situation. Faizan Shaikh played a negative role in the movie but he managed to deliver his best, he is a versatile actor and he shows it in different ways. The appearance of Aamina Sheikh leaves good marks on the audience memory; her character in the movie is noticeable. 

IRK has left no words to explain the beauty of the visuals and the background images, they don’t show any compromise on this stuff.

I must say that’s the direction and the cinematography of the movie is no doubt outstanding, the acting tactics are acceptable but there must be a very strong and catchy storyline that makes the movie stand out from the others. 

Heer Maan Ja is in the top Pakistani movies before release. But after watching this it’s clear that Kabeer plays his role quite decently but Heer sometimes overacted. 

All Pakistani movies are in pipeline every year to do better business. This is admirable thinking but instead of expensive outfits and glamorous sets. They must pay attention to the storyline. 

That’s all about Heer Maan Ja movie review, I would like to rate this movie 2.5 out of 5. 


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