Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 6 Review


Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 6 Review

In the previous episode, Gul was come to Gulzar home as Gulzar invite her for her brother’s marriage ceremony. Gul was disappeared from Gulzar home and with all the gold Jewelry. So this is how the situation goes shocking for everyone. Let’s start the review of Gul-o-Gulzar episode 6.

Though in the very first scene of Gul-o-Gulzar, the Gulzar family is trying to manage the entire situation as it is the wedding day of Affaq Wedding. But Affaq goes to Zaiba and explains her whole situation. Zaiba’s character is very positive and she does not say even a single negative word on it and say that jeweler does not matter for her and gives him the courage to face this difficult situation. Whereas, Zaiba’s character is the ideal role of sister in law she is doing an excellent job.

Affaq goes to the police station to launch an FIR but by seeing the rude and non-corporating behavior he changes his mind. Why the police department in our country makes everything very difficult. There is a need for a bribe or reference for any help from the police department. This negative attitude of the police department is also the reason for the increasing rate of crime in the country.

But Gulzar’s father and brother decided to leave this topic for now as they have to go to the wedding ceremony. Affaq is very angry with Gulzar because only her blind belief in Gul makes them face this situation. Though Gulzar is in the feeling of guilt and regret.

Above all, Gul parents are blaming Gulzar and her family for the disappearing of Gul. But they think that Gulzar helps Gul to run away. They decided and then go to the police station for reporting against Gulzar. Finally, they blame that it is Gulzar’s planning and she helps her to run away.

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Gul parent’s reaction is unexpected as they know their daughter nature and also know about her is very senseless as they are blaming Gulzar for Gul mistake.

Gulzar and her family are coming home with Zaiba. They surprised to see Gul father with police on their door. Gul father’s behavior is really very irritating and people believe without any solid reason. It is very common in our society that everyone believes in a rumor without knowing that is true or nor. This misunderstanding creates much confusion and destroys many lives.

Here the reaction of other people is also very painful. In college Gulzar, listens to gossips and touts and everyone blames her for Gulzar as she is her best friend. This hurts Gulzar a lot.

The strangest thing in this episode is the behavior of teachers in Gulzar College. All teachers insulted Gulzar. They even do not know about reality and they do not have any clue against Gulzar.

Teachers are considered the most sensible and educated people but here their behavior makes everyone surprise. This is not the right way to guide someone. it was expected that the teacher helps her and support her in this situation. In our society teachers role is also negative sometimes which is very disappointing 

 Everyone in Neighborhood is talking and talking about Gulzar and Gul. Everyone is blaming Gulzar for no reason.

Gulzar goes to the mosque for offering prayer but there also people taking about Gulzar and heart Gulzar’s father. It’s very common in our society that people interfere with others’ lives for no reason.

Affaq is going abroad but Zaiba decided to go later on as she wants to live with Gulzar and father. Affaq is still angry with Gulzar and even does not like to talk to her. Gulzar is facing a very panic situation though. However, she is mentally disturbed as her best friend deceives her and on that, the reaction of everyone makes her guilty.

But Affaq decided to fix the marriage of Gulzar and for this purpose, he invites a lady to their home. It very surprising as a lady comes and puts Gulzar the Engagement ring. Therefore, It is very suddenly and Gulzar is completely unaware of this. She is in shock. But she asks her father that she do not want to marry because she wants to continue her studies.

Therefore, in Gul-o-Gulzar episode 6 there are many surprises for viewers. After disappearing of Gul, everyone is blaming Gul even her brother Affaq is also angry with her. Although Affaq character is positive I do not like her behavior. He is very rude and with her opinion he decides to fix her marriage. They have a very close and beautiful relation and at this point, he must talk to Gulzar and know about her planning. So let’s see what is going to happen next episode with Gulzar. Will her father listen to her or fix her marriage?


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