Gul-o-Gulzar Drama Episode 2 Review

gul-o-gulzar drama episode 2 review

Gul-o-Gulzar drama episode 2 review


In previous episode we see that Gulzar and Gul are much closed and best friends of each other but opposite in nature. In the episode 2 of Gul-o-Gulzar drama review we see that Gul’s mother is worried about her Nargis daughter’s marriage. Every family refuses her due to her disability and poorness.

Here Gulzar’s brother Affaq I talking to his father and asking him that he likes a girl Zaiba and he wants to marry her. His father is very happy for this decision and said he also wants that and they will go to their home.

Nargis is very disappointed because everyone refuses her for his disability and every one teased her. She is much hearted and ask her mother to not to think about her marriage. Because she is not lucky enough that someone marry to disable girl. While this Gul arrived and again starting to taut her. She does not care even for her sister. 

Gulzar & her Brother

Gul in college ask Gulzar to think about and ask her brother to marry me as we are best friends and so this way we will remain with each other whole life. She is surprised but said okay I will. On arriving on home her father tell her about her about Zaiba. Gulzar is very happy for her brother and goes to Affaq and ask him to show the picture of Zaiba. He showed her pictures and also makes a call talk with Zaiba. 

Gul is involved in curios activities. No one knows in her home that mostly she meet to Kashee on the roof and Kashee ask her for meeting. She said she is busy in these days because of exams.  

Gulzar father bring her mother jewelry from bank locker. And ask her to take which she likes the most and remaining he will give to Affaq wife. Gulzar chooses a set of necklace and set of bangles. Gulzar father show his wish that he also want fix his both children. But Gulzar said he don’t think as it is too early and she wants to study further and want to become doctor

Gul take number of Affaq from Gulzar mobile and at midnight makes call to Affaq. Affaq did not respond Gul as she wants. 

Nargis caught her talking on phone at midnight and ask her she is not doing good and  I know very well whose boys calls you receives daily at night. But Gulzar don’t care about her talking.

Affaq inquire from Gulzar how Gul got his number and ask her don’t ever call me at late night. 

Gul and Gulzar meet at college. Gulzar ask her why she call to Affaq at late night. But at this she starts fighting with Gulzar as call is just for mistakenly. I don’t have intention for it. She asks her to go with her to her home. But Gulzar refuses as she has to go with her father to market.

As gulzar is coming back to home a boy stops her on the way tells his name Adil give a letter to gulzar and ask to open this letter at home. gulzar is very tense aftar this even at home she is not talking to her brother and father normally. This day they are going to Zaiba home for engagement of her brother Affaq but aftar that incident she is not taking interest in anything. Even don’t have courage to open that letter.

At evening they go to Zaiba home. Everyone is happy at there and Zaiba and Affaq engagement done in very simple way. Gulzar is very happy for her brother.

Gulzar and her family comes back to home and at midnight Gulzar open the letter in which Adil wrote that he is in love with you for many time and i want to marry you.  

She stops to going college. Gul comes to her home to find that why she is not coming to college. Then Gulzar tells the whole story to Gul. Gul asking that how was that guy in looking and did you like him. Gulzar said I am not interesting in this boy I am just thinking of Affaq and father. If they come to know that what will happen.

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In the 2nd episode of Gul-o-Gulzar, Affaq got engaged with Zaiba and Gulzar and their father is happy. But Gul is interested in Affaq. But she also have affair with Kashee. There also entry of Adil who loves Gulzar let’s see what happen next in the story. Will Gulzar accept proposal of Adil or not and what will happen when Gul come to know that Affaq got engaged.  


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