Gul-o-Gulzar Drama Episode 01 Review

Gul-o-Gulzar episode 1 review

Gul-o-Gulzar drama episode 01 review

The Gul-o-Gulzar Drama Episode 01 is the introductory episode. Basically its story is about the friendship of two girls and how their life effect because of each other. Gulzar is the positive and main character of this drama. She is very intelligent and study oriented girl who is very conscious about her studies. She is very loving and caring not only for her family but also for her friend.

Gul is best friend of Gulzar and she is very careless, selfish and greedy girl. She is always thinking about her own self and don’t care about anybody else. She wants get rid of study as she dint like study. Gulzar is friend of her and she always depends on her for everything.

Gul and Gulzar study together in same college. She always doesn’t make preparation for her exams. And in first episode her teacher caught her as she is cheating. Her teacher notices that and cancels her admission form but she is not tense about it. When gulzar come to know that she become worried and thinking about her admission and Gul ask Gulzar to ask your father make my request for admission.

Gul tells Gulzar that her sister Parveen has come to our home because she is angry with her husband therefor she come to our home with their children. (Gul have two sister Parveen who is married and Nargis who is unmarried and disable from her leg due to polio). Now I will go your home.

Gul and Gulzar come to home. Gulzar is cooking as she is only daughter. (Her mother has passed away earlier and she has father and brother in family). She tells to Gulzar that her brother is going to Canada for studies as he got admission in good university and he also got scholarship. While this talking Afaq come on door and Gul insist to open the door and she open the door by her attitude it clear that she must have some feeling for Afaq and ask Gulzar also as you should think about the marriage of Afaq. 

Gul comes to home aftar taking meal there and she comes know that some people are here for marriage of her sister Nargis. But she starts teasing her for her disability and her marriage is not possible but she is wasting her energy and fathers money. Nargis is very heated by her conversation. Here the people who come for marriage did not answer anything because she is disabling.

Gulzar ask her father to make a request for Gul other her admission will stop by principal. Her father is very angry and he tell he does not like her friendship with Gul as she is very irresponsible girl and don’t like this. But Gulzar convinced her father to make the request for only one other her family will not allowed  her to go college. Gulzar’s father agree but he warns this is the last time he is helping her friend. 

Gul ask gulzar to tell her family there is not any matter in college as neigbour girl Shabo tell about the cheating case to my family. Gulzar tell lie to her family to safe her.Gulzar insist to her father that she wants to study with Gul so she have to go Gul home. Her father allowed her and drop her to Gul home. On returining from there he meets to Gul father. He is also praising Gulzar and Afaq as they are very hardworking and abedence children. Gulzar fatrher tell him as her son Afaq is ging to Canada for studies.

Gul father is thinking that if we will fix Afaq and Gul marriage it will be very great couple as Afaq is very nice boy.

Here Afaq shows interest in some other girl who is good nature and help a lot Afaq to get admission. Afaq telling her as this weekend I will talk about our marriage to my father. And hope so he will happy with me wish.

There Gul and Gulzar are studying on roof. Gul goes downstairs for making some snacks. A boy come there and harassed Gulzar but when he comes to know that it is not Gul. He goes back. When Gul comes back, Gulzar tell her that she not respond to much as she know that boy already. It was her neighbor boy kasha and Gul have some affair with him.

On the next day Gul and Gulzar meet at college exam and again she did not prepare exam.  Gul ask her about her brother marriage. Gulzar explain her as we also want that but Afaq brother have no plan for marriage.

The Gul-o-Gulzar Drama Episode 01 is introductory and tells about the life of two friend Gul and Gulzar and their habits, nature and also about their Family. Now lets see what will happen In the next episodes.


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