Gul- o – Gulzar

Gul- o-Gulzar

Gul – o – Gulzar

Gul – o – Gulzar is an Urdu drama that is air on ARY Digital. This drama is releases its first episode on 9 June 2019. And till now on every Sunday airs its episode on ARY Digital. This drama is very famous because of the fantastic storyline and amazing casting. The story of this drama is written by Shakeel Ahmad Chohan and directed by Saqib Khan. The main character of Gul-o-Gulzar drama is Gul and Gulzar. The role of Gul is played by Saboor Ali and the role of Gulzar is played by Kinza Hashmi.Gul-o-Gulzar drama is prodduced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib.

The main characters of this drama are Gul(Saboor Ali ), Gulzar( Kinza Hashmi), Adil( Omer Shahzad) Gul’s husband, master Iqbal( Firdous Jamal) Gulzar’s father, Jamal( Paras Masroor) Gulzar’husband, Kifiat (Nayyar Ejaz) Gul’s father, Kaneez (Shaista Jabeen) Gul’s mother and Afaq (Kanwar Nafees) Gulzar’ brother.

The ost song of Gul-o-Gulzar drama is very melodious, which is sung by Nirmal Roy and Naveed Naushaad while ost song of Gul-o-Gulzar is composed by Naveed Naushaad. 

The story of Gul-o-Gulzar drama is of two friends Gul and Gulzar whose belong to middle class family. Gulzar is very hardworking, innocent and very loyal to her friend Gul. On the other hand, Gul is completely different from Gulzar. As she also friend of Gulzar but she is greedy and selfish by nature. She does not care anyone but only her own benefit and she can do anything for wealth and luxurious life. Excess of everything is bad like this Gulzar believes on Gul to extreme level. This will not only heart herself but also harmful to her family. This drama shows the reality of our society. Sometimes we trust and believe to someone to its extreme level so others get chance to make use of us. They make wrong use of our love and loyalty.

But the world is based on retribution. Because which someone done with anybody today the same will happen to him or her whether it is good or bad. But we should be careful about negative people don’t allow them to use you. Dram show many points of our society which should be keep in mind. So we can estimate and guess someone’s bad nature, negative plans being active as it’s very important to survive. The moral conclusions of the drama are

  • Be careful and limited in friendship
  • Wealth is not everything 
  • Respect and moral values are above all
  • Our family is our responsibility so should be careful 
  • The world is the name of retribution
  • All glitters that not gold
  • Our character is more important than our wealth status 
  • Peace can’t  buy with money
  • It bitter reality of world people always prefer  good looks over good character
  • Doolat sakon ni khreed sakti 
  • Talkh haqeqat ye hai log hamesha surat ko seerat per tarjeeh dety hai 


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