Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 9 Review

Ehd-e-wafa episode 09 review

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 9 Review

Ehd e Wafa episode 9 is another interesting episode of Ehd-e-Wafa, the story is moving forward efficiently with all the boys being given equal screen time. All the tracks have finally taken off which makes Ehd-e-Wafa a drama which offers a little bit of everything; suspense, romance, and comedy at the same time, everything in one ticket. 

Dua and Saad’s romantic scenes in this episode were cute and humorous. Gulzar and Saad’s companionship is heart-warming. Shahzain is back to being his normal self! Shehryar helped him see things from a different perception and he was back to being his old character which made me surprise why the negative side of his personality was shown in so many episodes. It was pointless to give so much screen time to his ‘evil’ side if things were ultimately going to go in this direction. Looking forward to the boys being a ‘gang’.

Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa opened with Shehryar making a tour to Shahzain’s haveli so that he could talk to him face-to-face. Ahmed Ali Akbar is enormously likable as Shehryar. Although the character itself is a pleasant one but Ahmed Ali Akbar’s performance adds to the plea. It took Shehryar only a few minutes to change Shahzain’s perspective, which was a relief and something which made it quite clear that he was after all only angry! Shehryar said everything which the viewers had been thinking and talking about all these weeks. Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 9 Review The change in Shahzain’s personality and the dark side of his character was just as difficult for Shehryar to accept as it was for the viewers! Looks like Shahzain’s track is going to take a completely different turn from here on. Osman Khalid Butt’s acting left a lot to be desired even tonight. Now that Shahzain is ‘over’ Dua, he will focus more on Raani which will give viewers a few light-hearted scenes in the upcoming episodes. Raani is already keen on meeting Shahzain since she likes him a lot. Zara Noor Abbas owns her character and her scenes are always enjoyable.

Ramsha seems like a fun and easy-going young lady who does not quite understand that her channel’s owner is backing the criminal she wants should be in prison. Ramsha and Shariq’s scenes were interesting, both of them have tons of potential and energy, I hope that this track is handled well and we see both of them working together perhaps independently. Hajra Yamin is a phenomenal actress and her scenes were a treat to watch.

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Rani pesters her mother to continue inviting Shahzain’s family so she can continue her pursuit of Shahzain, but her mother is not convinced as she has not received positive signals from Shahzain’s mother. However, Rani convinces her father and they decide to invite the family over for dinner, which will officially be the start of Shahzain and Rani’s love story. What makes this duo so entertaining is how ridiculously naïve and manipulative Rani is at the same time – and Shahzain is the same, a kind-hearted guy with a manipulative streak. To see these two livewires come together as a couple will add a comedic element.


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