Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 8 Review

Ehd-e-wafa episode 08 review

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 8 Review

Ehd e Wafa episode 8 is one of the finest episodes of Ehd-e-Wafa so far. It changed into a pleasing pace. The change in Saad’s behavior seems a refreshing improvement and it revealed an awesome impact on the overall episode. Some of the dialogues and scenes in this episode were excellent. This week turned into all about Shariq who is en route to a new path. Shariq is now heading out to change the system that he’s constantly referred to as messed up. On the contrary, Saad and Sheheryar meet each different, and Saad who has gotten Dua’s clear approval seemed to be in a wonderful mode. It looks difficult for now to gather all the four boys at the same time as Shahzain is still in his ego.

Tonight’s episode opened with Shehryar meeting Saad, this meeting was nicely portrayed. It seemed like Saad did get right into a combat with Shehryar however fortuitously that changed into now not the case! The real gathering showed that Saad becomes no longer irritated and possibly ‘insecure’. But it seems that Saad is more eager to have a get together along with all of his old buddies but due to Shahzain it’s a bit tough so far.

After a long time, the viewers saw the old friends we fell in love with the equal frame taking part in an amazing time. Now that Saad and Dua are friends and Saad is aware of the fact that Dua likes him. He thought he had lost Dua due to his friends but now as he is sure that nothing happened wrong. He has no reason to be insecure of Shahzain.

Ahmed Ali Akbar’s performance this night made me like his character even more. Saad assumed that his mom has to have long gone to Dua’s house with the proposal however that false impression becomes cleared soon. I must appreciate how speedy all of this changed. Saad and his mother’s scenes have been candy however his father turned into an odd guy.

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Saad determined out the reality, waiting to see what he goes to do next. Shehryar met Masooma in this episode and Hajra Yamin becomes also a part of this episode and this is a good addition in the house. 

After such a lot of lethargic episodes, this one all of an unexpected confirmed a lot. Shehryar did not tell Saad what Shahzain is planning. Shahzain has one thing in his mind and for me he is really the most stupid person right now. Raani exceeded the evaluation subsequently only after bribing the invigilators! Raani is pretty eager to get married to Shahzain and with a bit of luck sooner or later Shahzain too will anticipate pursuing Dua. 

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Gulzar’s scene in this episode became the high-quality addition. He changed into proven dreading the passing out parade and failed at it yet again. The writer has shown that he lacks self belief and isn’t sure that he’ll make it. The verbal exchange together with his officer counseled just that. In few of his preceding conversations with Saad, he kept on telling him how clean all of this should be for him due to the fact his father become an ex-navy officer. The officer who referred to as him in his workplace without a doubt proved to be a true mentor at the same time as he showed him his dad and mom’ photograph and narrated his achievement story. Tonight’s episode of Ehd-e-Wafa turned into a must watch and most of the scenes had been impactful. It had loads of important characters as nicely. 


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