Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 7 Review

Ehd-e-wafa episode 07 review

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 7 Review

Ehd e wafa episode 7 aired covering the journey of all PMA boys with a promise to reunite that might not be the pleasant but we are happy to see 3 of them in a frame together again. Director of Ehd-e-wafa covered all scenes of PMA in detail and that detailing took us to the place and it was just mesmerizing to see drills of cadets. He covered almost all of his characters in this episode and the boys seem settling in their practical life seriously. We have seen that discipline is strictly followed and taken as the one among other agendas. Gulzar is for sure interesting addition in the drama, and fortunately or unfortunately Saad got a new friend whom he keeps on keeping into troubles, another face with Shahzain’s nature. Ehd e wafa episode 7 has some fun if we compare it to the last one. 

This episode of Ehd-e-wafa opened with Shahzain and Rani scenes, and we can smell very well that Shahzain liked Rani when he met her at his home. But he told her that why he couldn’t marry her and probably this was the first time when he looked bit nervous. The moment when Rani was putting make up particularly lipstick on her that she borrows from her friend was funny and amazing. No doubt, Zara Noor is leading those scenes, the situation of Rani and her friend talking was to some extent long and also not too much witty. I was hoping about Rani abd Shahzain that he might fall in love for her and will decide to marry but this seems one-sided love so far. 

Saad got good marks in their PMA exams whereas Gulzar failed badly but his personality and sense of humor couldn’t allow him to take his failure seriously. This episode showed us that Saad is well mannered, disciplined and dedicated cadet. Their training at the academy shown us the real training of the cadets and we love the scenes. There are strict rules which every single cadet is supposed to follow and the one who didn’t follow them get the worst punishment. 

Its true to say that Saad is a complete new and different person when Dua is around him. Saad is kind of a introvert person most of the time, he only opens up when he wants to. The conversation between Saad and Dua seems cute and finally she has been warmed up to him. Their meeting end when Dua told him about the proposal, now we are waiting to see how he responded once he confirmed that the proposal was send by Shahzain. 

On the other side, Ahmed Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali performed well in this episode and their episode is the key reason I would like to see more often them on the screen. Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 7 Review The minute when Ahmed Ali was seated in that van has an amazing and superb expression that are priceless and so meaningful. Shahryar deserves a better and bright future; this is what I felt for these both guys. Shariq has probed into the media field and he is looking a chance to become a reporter. He is working as an office boy and he is planning to start a youtube channel. And Shahryar started going to college, he has no other choice but to help his father and play Band Baja at wedding ceremonies. 

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Life of a cadet and Saad’s transformation are the most anticipated scenes for me so far in this drama. His chemistry with Gulzar and the way they make up their journey at the PMA, in the village, Shahzain got trapped in the rut; these all situations are taking drama to some next and bigger level. 


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