Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 6 Review

Ehd e Wafa Episode 6

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 6 Review

Ehd e wafa episode 6 is aired to inspire the viewers, but it failed to impress its viewers. I was figuring out why a drama I am having so many hopes and it is turning viewers hopes down. But it wasn’t bad at all; there are some cute funny moments too. The drama made connection with four boys friendship and their love. And above all I was expecting this drama more like Alpha Bravo Charlie. Where the whole focus in ABC was on training and writer shows the different aspects of armed men. We have seen their journey from all perspectives. 

In this episode Shahzain didn’t change his mind and was convincing his mother to visit Dua family with his proposal. The way Shahzain’s getting back towards Saad clearly depicts the narrow-minded he owns. But he changed after he gets in touch with Rani on the other hand likes Shahzain and will most probably win him over soon. Shahzain is definitely not a likable character and so far his track has been more confusing than anything else.

We do longing to see extra from Dua and Saad’s potential romance in coming episodes as well. Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 6 Review Their scenes had been lovely and enjoyable to look at. Moreover, Saad’s bond with his mother is definitely adorable as well. It is super to look Vaneeza Ahmed again on display after see you later and her “cool army spouse” avatar have us in awe.

On the opposite hand, Shahzain’s timeline contains a completely one of a kind taste. He is up to no accurate and we are able to absolutely blame him for his want for revenge. The individual tendencies given to each person in the drama are very one of a kind, making the serial a very good watch. Zara’s Rani is also pretty something out of the regular. We experience seeing her in the drama now, as her scenes are extra relevant and in context with the general episode, than earlier than.

Some of the academy scenes have been humorous and others made me feel for the lads. Some of those scenes also had been-there-seen-that written all over them. My favorite scene from this episode got here at the stop seeing that I turned into thinking why those boys were being forced to speak in English. I appreciated the officer’s communicate approximately how life will trade for these boys after some years. Saad’s new buddy has an interesting history, his appearing is organic and it seems like he may form a special bond with Saad in the imminent episodes. This tune simply wishes extra emotional moments to make it greater relatable.

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Ehd-e-wafa introduced Gulzar Hussain in this episode, DG Khan’s PMA cadet who has won our hearts with his superb dialogues and the way he delivers. I’m hoping he is going to be this drama’s favorite character in coming episodes. 

So this was all about Ehd-e-wafa episode 6, hope you guys enjoy it as I did. I am desperately waiting for upcoming episodes as I’m hoping to see some thrill in the drama. So let’s see what happens. 


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