Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 5 Review

Ehd-e-wafa episode 05 review

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 5 Review

Ehd-e-Wafa episode 5 was much better than the previous episode, Shahzain was completely holding the authority over the screen and Shariq was missing again in the episode. Both Wahaj and Ahmed Ali performed well in the drama. Saad and Dua’s meeting was a fresh breeze in the suffocated environment. Rani came again in this episode and entertains us as she always does perfectly. And it was nice to see Shahzain grandfather giving him a reasonable advice in this episode. I must say the director shot the episode beautifully and all visuals seem appealing. 

In the last episode, the director has shown Shahzain as the angry young man but this episode starts with the most caring, humble and sensitive aspect of Shahzain’s personality in the opening scenes. His grandfather has brought him up under his supervision and he prepared him in a way that one day he has to take his place. So now this is the time when he has to take the seat with confidence. As a blood of chahudry family he has an ego and he is used to have it in his way. 

Whereas Rani has continuously been fooling his parents by lying and she focuses on every still thing except her studies and she is quite a dumb student by all means. Zara nailed the character by her childish acting and her dialogues are hilarious most of the time.

Saad talked to his father and explain him why he is reluctant in submitting his forms. His father’s cold attitude towards Saad shown clearly in this episode through the discussion he has with Saad’s mum. 

Saad told Shahzain and Shahryar very clearly that everything they did was not good and this shows that don’t let things go easily. This makes him different from the whole gang, and he constantly thinking and feeling bad for what Shahzain did. 

Saad used to remember the time he spent with his fellows but showing flashback in this episode was not much needed as it all happens in the few previous episodes. Ahad Raza Mir is playing well in his character, in fact there are different sides of his personality and that makes his character interesting attracted. He knows how to give the right expressions when he is angry or disgusted. 

Shahzain got one more reality check from Shahryar’s father afterbeing told by Saad. The moment when Shahryar’s father makes sure that he is out of the picture and his son career is safe now relates a lot with the real life of our society and goes perfect with the father’s personality. The writer is showing timely why the boys are getting separated from each other and could be no longer best buddies as they were before departing from the college. 

The sweet days of college are gone for sure and they are turned into a grown up guys with lots of responsibilities. The families of every boy make sure that no one comes in their kid’s path. Shahzain faced the worst face of rejection as he is considered the bad influence by all families. 

Apart from all these, Saad and Dua had a proper conversation this night, the scene was deliberately acted out wonderfully. Dua askd for apology for any misdeed, and I felt that Dua came up with different personality. 

The upcoming episode promo showed that Saad is going to join army and we are anxiously waiting for that episode to see how he acted in a uniform guy.  

So this was all about Ehd-e-wafa episode 5 review. Hope you enjoyed the episode, and do share your views and thoughts about the episode.  


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