Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 4 Review

Ehd-e-wafa episode 04 review

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 4 Review

Ehd-e-Wafa aired the episode 4 and it fits the saying, the older the better. Ehd-e-Wafa episode 4 has a shown us a very quick change in the story. The drama has changed its path steadily after a few slow weeks and this episode brings a lot of variety before our expectations. It seems that this is the peak of the drama yet it is not. We have lot more to see in the coming episodes but this was just a twist in the drama. 

The boys gang got break down in episode 4 but Saad, Shariq and Shehryar are moving in their educational lives but Shahzain after getting expelled from the college; he is completely a new person. Someone the viewers don’t accept him in such early episodes. This episode was bit serious and a little upsetting. Because I have felt the lack of flow that we as a viewer were expecting. Some of the scenes were too emotional; Ahad Raza and Wahaj took the lead in their particular aspect. The moment when Shahzain shot the horse was the most disturbing scene of this drama so far. 

This episode starts with the scene when the boys got expelled from the college. I thought the principal‘s approach is quite unrealistic at this moment. Specifically the way he behaved with Shahzain’s grandfather. 

We saw Dua showing some anger to Raheel but till this moment there isn’t any strong female character introduced in the drama which is again some sort of unrealistic approach of director. Anyways who know these little characters will play some major roles in future.

The most emotional scene of the drama Ehd-e-Wafa is when the boys were going from the hostel and for me this was beyond my expectations. Shahzain is responsible for the whole situation and he must be slapped as he the one who planned every bad thing and the entire group suffers due to just because of one man.Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 4 Review Saad meeting with the warden was also heart touching and Wahaj Ali gave amazing shots. Shahzain couldn’t sit for the exams just because of his grandfather, who convinced him that there is not need of study he is blessed with everything. Later on it was shown that the grandpa had somehow managed to make him the real and original Chaudhry which he wanted to see in him. 

We have seen Saad’s mother in this episode as well, played by one of the top class model Vaneeza Ahmed. But she was not introduced the way she must be as she is the mother of one of the leading character of the drama. We have also seen Saad relationship with his father Brig Faraz and it was more like a boss interacting with his junior but yes he is an obedient son. 

The seating arrangement in the examination hall couldn’t make sense as we all have been through board exams and we have never coincidentally felt that all of our friends are near you. Finally Saad has decide to give up his medical studies just because of Dua. It feels like that’s the point where he is going to end up his army life. 

At this point it seems needless to say that the story has at the climax where I am not willingly at the position to miss even a single episode. Our hopes are keeping high hopes as the drama is further proceeding. The joint venture of HUM tv and ISPR’s is definitely take the best colors out from the cast and we know and we believe that Ehd-e-Wafa is going to be the next big hit for decades. 

Do share your views and thoughts about the episode.  


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