Ehd e Wafa episode 23 Review


Ehd e Wafa episode 23

In the previous episode, the story of Ehd e Wafa was very satisfactory. All friends meet together, and their friendship scene is so powerful that everyone forgets about the flaws of ant character. The story is progressing on the next stage let’s start the review of Ehd e Wafa episode 23.

Shahzain is trying his best to win the election. For electing in the election, he is using power and makes use of Sheheryar without informing him. Shahzain is looking crazing for the election. But Chaudary Maher and his son are not agreeing with Shahzain. Chaudary Maher and his son are having a valid reason that Shahzain promised them. Shahzain has been tasted the taste of power and authority and knows he wants to get back this power and influence. Chaudary Maher and his son are not ready to give him a favor so that there is a fight between them, and shahzain slapped Chaudary Waqar.

In the next scene, Shahzain is shooted by someone, and he is in hospital. For this reason, everyone is very tensed. Shariq and Sheheryar also reached to the hospital. Everyone knows about Chaudary Maher and Chaudary Waqar so that everyone is predicting that they attacked Shahzain. As we see, the Sheheryar character becomes negative because of power and authority, and so that Shahzain is playing a game. He is doing this to take everyone’s sympathy. By this game, Shahzain can get rid of Chaudary Maher and his son.

Saad is also in a complicated situation, and the condition in Kashmir is not in control. Saad comes to know about Shahzain through radio. There the love between these friends is fantastic. They care for each other, and Shariq and Sheheryar are trying their best to find the person who attacks Shahzain. Not only Shariq and Sheheryar, but also Saad is worried about Shahzain. There feeling for there is wins the hearts of people.

Rani is character becomes dangerous as it was in early episodes; she is always talking about Shahzain. She loves him and loyal to him. But Rani is even against her father and brother. It is a little bit awkward that she never says anything to Shahzain as he is doing wrong. Anyways her character is showing loyalty with Shahzain. She decided to take legal action against her father and brother. She launches FIR against her father and brother.

Finally, Shahryar talks about Masooma and tells that he also has a feeling for her. Due to his poverty and financial condition, he refused to Masooma. He is also in pain because he also has a sense of love for Masooma. This scene is very emotional as Shariq remembers their college days when Shaheryar always gives him comfort in moments of trouble. But this scene shows the importance of friends. This scene very heart touching.

Everyone thinks that Waqar shooted Shahzain. Malik Allah yar, Rani, Shariq, and Sheheryar are very aggressive want to take revenge from Chaudary Waqar. Shahzain takes full advantage of this situation. Chaudary Maher gives him an offer that they will not take part in the election if he withdraws the case against Chaudary Waqar. By this, it seems that Shahzain wants this, and he is doing this for his election and makes them agree. Let’s see what is going to happen next in Ehd e Wafa Story.

In the Ehd e Wafa episode 23, Shahzain character becomes very doubtful. Shariq is going to expose the performance of all politicians what will happen when he covers the Shahzain area. Saad is fighting with enemies, and the condition is not in control. The excellent news for Saad is that Dua is pregnant; this also gives signs that Saad is going to martyr in Ehd e Wafa Story. What will Sheheryar do for Shahzain? is this true Shahzain plans this all dram to make his way clear or Chaudary Waqar attack him. The story of Ehd e Wafa becomes more exciting and suspicious. Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of Ehd e Wafa.


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