Ehd e Wafa Episode 21 Review


Ehd e Wafa Episode 21 Review

In the previous episode of Wafa, we have seen Shariq is very honest with his profession. Shehryar finally appointed as Assistant Commissioner. Shahzain profession is not so clear but his behavior is not good with friends. Saad is in Waziristan for the operation. In Ehd e Wafa episode 21 is a very emotional and most amazing episode of Ehd e Wafa.

However, the scene of Sheheryar and Firdous Sahb is really heart-melting. But Firdous Sahb goes to the Sheheryar office for an application. Whereas his daughter’s property is grabbed by some powerful people. Sheheryar gives him respect and treated him very nicely. His behavior with Firdous is really amazing and wins the hearts of viewers. In fact, there is a lesson for our new generation we should respect our teachers whichever the situation there is. Respect is the right of the teacher and the duty of students. Sheheryar listens to Firdous Sahb problem properly and decided to do something for him. Sheheryar goes to meet Khursheed son of Firdous Sahb. Khursheed is in lockup in a fake case that is planted on him. it is also an emotional scene.

In my point of view not only students every officer should deal like Sheheryar to poor and victim people.  It is necessary that everyone should be loyal and honest not only to his profession but also to the country. There is a number of people who are a victim of these types of cases but they did not find any help or justice till their death. It is a very disappointing situation.

The next scene gives happiness that Saad comes back home. In the last episode the curiosity was created and there is a doubt about Saad but in this episode, to see Saad safe and sound viewers are very happy. Saad’s parents are thinking about Saad’s marriage. Here Dua also becomes a doctor. Saad goes to meet Dua’s mother.  Dua agrees to meet Saad’s parents. Saad and his family are very positive and the way they welcomed Dua is really very fabulous.

They accept Dua warmly and open-minded which really impresses the viewers. Infect on arrival of Dua, all the members of Saad Family are waiting outside the door and captain Faraz opens the door of the car. The expressions happiness of captain Faraz and Saad’s mother are very realistic. Besides this entire captain, Faraz asks Saad that Dua’s mother will live with them after their marriage. It is also a very positive and wise decision.

Though, Sheheryar is facing the same hurdles and difficulties which every person has to face which he stands for the rights of poor people.  Initially, as Sheheryar tries to talk with Haji, who grabbed the property of Firdous Sahb. Then Sheheryar plans to do something else for the rights of Firdous Sahb. He meets Shariq. But he asks him to do a show against Haji and how he illegally grabbed other property. This will really work for helping Firdous Sahb.

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This is an amazing idea. They do not use any illegal way to handle this case as they can so with the help of Shahzain. Shahzain can easily help them in this situation but Shariq and Sheheryar prefer the other legal way. This is the best way to handle Haji Shafique. So that Shariq goes that plot records all the things but in the last, the servants and guards of Haji Shafique start firing. This scene again creates curiosity. Will Shariq be safe and sound?

The last scene of Ehd e Wafa episode 21 is very powerful and full of emotions. Finally, Saad and Shahzain meet on the roads. Certainly, both explain there feelings and situations. Although, Shahzain character is going negative. But there Shahzain clearly accepts that he was incomplete without Saad.  This feeling and expression really make everyone emotional. Their meeting is satisfactory in Ehd e Wafa Episode 21.

Ehd e Wafa episode 21 is very powerful because of many reasons. But Sheheryar shows respect for Firdaus Sahb and the situation of Firdous Sahb is very emotional and makes everyone cry. Shariq exposes the real face of Haji Shafique but there is also suspense and curiosity for Shariq and hoping that Shariq will be safe and sound. The meeting of Shahzain and Saad is also a good part of Ehd e Wafa episode 21. All viewers want to see all SSG boys together and this meeting indicates that they will meet like friends once again. the story is going very smoothly. Let’s see what will happen in the coming episodes of Ehd e Wafa. is there any twist in the story?


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