Ehd E Wafa Episode 20 Review


Ehd E Wafa Episode 20 Review

In the previous episode of Ehd e Wafa, Sheheryar, Shariq, and Shahzain meet.  Shahzain builds his negative image by making the wrong use of his power. Saad and Shariq are honest with their profession while Sheheryar is trying his best to achieve his goals. Shahzain is showing typical politician behavior and tries to handle all his matters with power.

Ehd e Wafa episode 20, is very emotional because of Saad and his mother and Shaharyar and his parents. Parents’ love for their children is the only pure and true form of love in this whole world.

The scene of Ehd e Wafa episode 20 of Saad with his father captain Faraz. there is firing competition between Saad and Captain Fraz. Captain Faraz amazed everyone by his firing skill. The expression of Saad at end of the competition is hilarious. Captain Faraz is amazing as always and his acting is very realistic.

Shahzain role is becoming negative. It is very disappointing because other friends of SSG are very honest and loyal to their professions as well as to their relations. Shahzain grandfather is also worried about his changing behavior. And Rani is also noticed the Shahzain have proud of his authority and power which spoils his character. It seems that Shahzain will do something wrong on the basis of his power which he got from politics.

The next scene is very satisfactory as well as emotional. Finally, Shehryar passes CSS exams and appointed as assistant commissioner. However, his parents are very emotional and feeling proud of his son. Sheheryar worked hard day and night for his success. Shehryar’s success proved that struggle and effort are necessary then anyone can get success. But there is a lesson for the young generation that anyone can get success only in need of commitment and determination.

Though the next scene is a little bit confusing as Shahzain saying to Sheheryar that he comes to this position only because of shahzain favor. Sheheryar is really topper in his academics and also works hard for the CSS exam. I think Shahzain is laying to Sheheryar. Shahzain is doing this because he wants to create an impressive image. What the reason behind this act of Shahzain is creating curiosity.

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Another negative thing about Shahzain character is that he annoying Saad. Shariq and Sheheryar talk about Saad and try to make a plan to meet him but Shahzain expressions are not fair.  Shahzain is also a part of SSG and everyone wants to see them but Shahzain negative behavior and dishonesty with friends disappoint the viewers.

However, Saad with is his mother is the most emotional scene of this episode. Saad is going to Waziristan for an operation.  It makes his mother emotional is his son is going and anything can happen there. So, this scene explains the difficulties and emotions of soldier’s families and their efforts for the country.  It seems that Saad will be a martyr. Viewers are emotionally attached to Saad’s characters.

But there is an entry of Haji Sahb who is a negative character and makes wealth in illegal ways and takes over others’ property. Shariq forced to do a planted show on Haji Sahb. Though Shariq refuses and resigns from that channel because he does not want to be unfair with his profession. In fact, Shariq characters win the viewer’s hearts and he has to struggle hard and have to face many difficult situations for his loyalty to professions. He goes to another channel that is paying him less than the previous channel but he will work with his fair rules.

 The last scene of Ehd E Wafa episode 20 creates curiosity and Saad with his team is fighting with terrorists. But everyone wants that Saad should be saving in this operation. Certainly, all viewers are emotionally attached to Saad’s character.

Therefore, the story of SSG boys is going ahead to the next stage. Saad, Shariq and Sheheryar are honest and loyal to their professions. Shahzain character is negative but hoping so that he will learn a lesson from his behavior. But Gulzar is missing is the Ehd e Wafa episode 20. He is also a very entertaining and important character of Ehd e Wafa. And his acting makes the drama more interesting and entertaining. What will happen in the next episode of Ehd e Wafa? Let’s see in the next episode.


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