Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 2 Review

Ehd-e-wafa episode 02 review

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 2 Review

Ehd-e-Wafa episode 2 was another lively and interesting like the Episode 1 but this ended soon. This episode brings some hope and the story took little twist in the storyline and that’s the things that make the plot bit more interesting. We have seen the adventures of SSG boys. Saad and Shahzain take the lead in making plans for their adventures. 

This is such a real fun how young people make fun in their student life. Such uncontrolled behavior of these guys makes us all look forward to their journey. Ahad Raza Mir owns his role and has a phenomenal role in this episode. This episode didn’t show much dialogues of Ahmed Ali Akbar abd Wahaj Ali, either they are just involved in the activities as the other boys. We have admitted after 2nd episode, that this gang of boys is completely focusing on spending their time in a good way without giving a serious consideration to the consequences. 

Ehd-e-Wafa 2nd episode opened with the Rani, where she tells her mother about the tragedy happened to her and it was packed with lies. You can take her as the female version of Shahzain, she gets into trouble because of her confidence. Zara Noor is doing well with the character and her acting makes the scenes thoroughly interesting. She has added life into the character of Rani in the best possible way.

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The warden and the headmaster are well suited for the character they are performing. There is a dialogue, “Iqbal k shaheeno yani k in 4 kaminoo” and such other dialogues make warden’s the best one. The guy who came to call SSG boys, his body language was superb, the one who could be proud of escorting such “Nalaiq’s” to the office of headmaster. Boys wearing yateemi and massomiat’s mask won’t help them in getting out of the trouble every time. But yes this or even more worse situation cant stop them from planning another escape. 

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 2 Review In this episode, Saad and Dua got appear on screen together but obviously this wasn’t a love at first sight. But Saad has already seen Dua before this time and he is totally infatuated by her innocent personality. Whereas the Alizay shah’s role and her appearance is not that much appealing if we compare it with Rani and gang’s performance. While running at the mall, Saad bumped with Dua and damaged her cake. In the later few moments, Shahzain planned to find out the girl’s name and address.  

Again Ahad’s performance in this scene was phenomenal as before, he is doing right justice with the character. He is honestly looked like a guy who has head over heels in love but don’t have courage to approach the one to tell her his true feelings. 

Well, so far this episode was another piece of humor and excitement, packed with lots of fun activities that most of the students used to do in their journey. On a final note I must say that the pace of the drama is not that fast as we as a viewer are looking for. But its ok as the director is just showing the liveliness of the SSG guys and later these guys will be doing the unbelievable tasks for sure. So better enjoy the energy of these youthful characters and enjoy the performances of the characters. 

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