Ehe e Wafa Episode 19 Review


Ehe e Wafa Episode 19 Review

In the previous episode of Ehd e Wafa, SSG boys have entered their professional lives. Saad reached after passing out to the infinity army. Shariq Habib started a youtube channel and due to its popularity, a well-known television channel appointed him as anchorperson and his shows are going super hit. Shehryar is preparing for CCS exams and Shahzain selected as MNA. Let’s see what happened in Ehd e Wafa Episode 19.

The episode of Ehd e Wafa is all about the SSG boys’ honesty with their profession and again it seems that these friends meet again. The first episode of Ehd e Wafa is about the Shahzain as a person guiding him about politics and how he has to handle his matters with other politicians. Politics is already a very controversial topic in our country and most people have negative thinking about it. Is it very difficult to understand how politicians make this profession so difficult? Let’s see will be Shahzain loyal to his profession.

 Shahzain is invited to the Shariq show but he does not know about it. Shariq is much tensed as to how he will deal with him.  After his fight, he is going to the first time to Shahzain. A question list is provided by the Shahzain agent. This makes hyper Shariq.  He went on the show and there Shahzain comes to know that the anchorperson of the show is Shariq. Shehryar is known about this show and he also tells Saad to see Shariq Show. Saad is also very surprised. Shariq makes all people surprised by his question. He makes questions about his education which valid but is creates very tension to viewers as he is not only anchor and politician. They are also friends and everyone what to meet these friends again. But after this show is will be difficult. Shahzain left the show incomplete.

Ramsha is angry with Shariq. Why he stuck on a single question and did not follow Ramsha’s direction. Shariq gives a valid reason as he does not want to be a dual personality he wants to be loyal to his profession. Share point is valid and while we are on duty we should be loyal to it. This loyal to our profession is the only thing that makes our country better.

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 While Shariq and Shehryar coming back they saw Shahzain is coming toward them. So, everyone is a thing of a fight here. Because Shahzain was very hyper and everyone is thinking that Shahzain will never be their friend again. Shahzain surprise all. He apologizes for his previous mistake and as to take a new start of a friendship. This part of Ehd e Wafa is amazing as their friends are united again.

The next scene is also very surprising in which Shahzain makes use of his sources to fire Shariq from his channel. What is going in the mind of Shahzain? Shahzain hit a plan on Shariq.

The next day Shariq came to know that he has been fired from his job. Ramsha is also angry with him. as with this behavior, no channel gives them a job. But to be neutral is a very valid and accurate question. The person who is appointed for a higher post must fulfill its merits.

But Shahzain again goes to meet Shariq and he is pretended he is very honest to him. she says that I will defiantly try for your job and then he makes a call to the news director and ask him to hire him again and also tell Shariq that Shahzain makes this favor to Sharqi. Is shahzain wants to create a soft corner for him in Shariq’s heart or is he have any other purpose behind this planning lets see in the next episode?

Saad is preparing her firing competitions as always he does not the only effort for himself self he is also helping others . for this purpose he goes against the rules of the army. But he makes his companions perfect.on this Saad senior seniors warns him that it should be last time your safety is first priority. Saad is always ready by his soul and heart for the country and his profession.

Whereas Rani’s character is always very entertaining and now in Islamabad, she is doing many fun things. She goes to a party with Shahzain.  She does not know the meaning of the better half and so that she creates a very funny situation because why Shahzain calls her a better half.

However, in the last seen is very spiritual. But, there is fire completion and the chief guest is captain Fraz. He is good looking and handsome as always. Saad has to perform in front of his father and he does his best and won the completion. It is a very pleasuring scene when Saad is receiving the trophy from his father. Captain Frazacting is amazing and the expression in his eyes while seeing Saad. Love and pride can easily see.

So, Ehd e Wafa episode  19, the story is progressing and everyone is in her professional life except Shahryar. Shahryar’s story is going than others but the amazing thing is that in this episode of Ehd e Wafa we see all SSG boys on screen. However, three of them are happy with each other. Let’s see what is going to happen next in their lives. Will Shahzain honest to his post or will he also follow the rules of other politicians. However, she wants will happen to Shariq Shahryar and Saad.lets see in the next episode of Ehd e Wafa.


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