Ehd e Wafa episode 18 Review


Ehd e Wafa episode 18 Review

In the previous episode of Ehd e Wafa, everything is going smoothly. Gulzar and Saad start their duties in the unit. Their seniors are making them fool. Shahzain is determined for the election. Dua is settled in Abbot Abad and continue her study. Shariq becomes very famous because of youtube Channel. Ehd e Wafa episode 18, start when Saad is facing a funny situation.

Saad does not realize that now- a day’s salaries are providing in banks’ accounts of employees. This scene is very entertaining. Here Gulzar also facing this kind of situation. Their seniors ask him the name of a wheel of the tank filled with air pressure. In reality in the tank there no this kind of wheel that exists. It is also a very funny scene.


Shariq becomes very famous among the common people because he is highlighting the problems of our society. He got an offer from D television. But Shariq asks them to work with them in only one condition. I will work with only my team. Here Shariq is showing his strong attachment wish Ramsha.  Ramsha is only one person in Shariq Team.

Ramsha wants, that Shariq should take the start of his career on electronic media. It was also a wish of Shariq to be anchorperson.

 The Shariq is showing a positive character. Because he does not only wants success or wealth. He wants the welfare of common people. He exposes the corruption and misuse of authority in our society.


Shariq meets Sheheryar. Shehryar tells him that Saad passes out his training. He also tells him that Saad wants us should meet again. They are making fun of this that why he thinks that after the last meeting.

Shariq also receives an appointing call from D television. All are very happy. It seems that Shariq will do something for our society.

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Rani is actively working in the election campaign for Shahzain. She is very entertaining and always in a cheerful mood. She is going to a different women’s corner meetings and make them sure that we will work for your welfare.

Rani’s thinking is very positive. She really wants to do something for the people of the village. She also offers that I will give you my whole jewelry which you spend on the welfare of people.

She also says a deep meaning dialogue there. She says if the nation of this country makes anyone accountable for his or her responsibility then our country gets developed automatically.


In this scene forth female leading role appears as Masooma. Masooma has a feeling of love for Shahryar and she expresses her feeling to Shahryar. Shaharyar does not give importance to her and says her fool as she is thinking about marriage rather than study and making a career.

She goes back home but Shahryar also has some feelings for her. he is worried because  Masooma went from his home. I think Shahryar is ignoring her because he is not financially stable and he does not want her will suffer from him.


Shariqs show Hot Seat becomes very famous because Shariq asks a very bitter and logical question from politicians. He not only invites and asks a question to politicians but also makes them agree to work for the welfare of people. However, Shariq is showing the positive side of the media. If the media do some effort many things can be changed. Likewise, the media is very powerful and has influence.


Finally Shahzain win in the election. Here it seems that Shahzain character going to be negative. Let’s see what will Shahzain do after becoming MNA. So, will he deliver his service properly?


Therefore, Saad and Gulzar went to two different departments. Saad is an armored force and Gulzar is in infinity Force whereas Saad and Gulzar are doing their best. Saad is leading his football team and he also wins the match. On the other hand, Gulzar is also giving his best.


Meanwhile, Ehd e Wafa episode 18, every character story is moving on. Saad and Gulzar are loyal to his duty and so they are succeeding. Shahzain also succeeds in the election. Shehryar is doing preparation for CSS exams. In short, he is confused about Masooma as he is not financially strong enough. But sill there is no sign to meeting SSG boys. Everyone wants to see them together. Shahzain is selected as MNA. Will Shahzain fulfill his all responsibility? Will him loyal to his professions. There are many doubts because politics is very difficult to field. Therefore, let’s see what will happen in the next episode of Ehd e Wafa.


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