Ehd e Wafa Episode 16 Review


Ehd e Wafa Episode 16 review

In the previous episode of Ehd e Wafa, Saad and Gulzar were in the 4th term and they were very passionate. After the death of Shahid Ahmad, Dua comes to know that Dua is an adopted child. In the Ehd e Wafa episode 16, Raheel’s father asks her that why you tell Raheel and Dua is Shahid’s adopted Child. He is very fooling and can do anything useless after knowing this. So far Raheel’s mother is not accepting her mistake and saying she is not our family and that’s why I tell him that he leaves Dua.

Dua is very upset and goes to the graveyard for her father Shahid grave. She is feeling very alone after her father.

Saad is talking about Faizan who is also a trainer, that he is caught cheating in tactics Exam and so that now strict actions will be taken against him. According to army rule that a cadet never cheats, never lies and never steels and now he is to be going dump out.

Raheel goes to a lawyer to take consultation about the share of adopted child inheritance. The Raheel comes to Dua home, there he again asks her to marry him. Otherwise, I will ruin you and your mother’s life. I have complete information that an adopted child does not have any share in the inheritance. You are an adopted child of uncle Shahid.

Saad and Gulzar are passionate about winning the word tittle. Saad is wished to be a part of the infantry. They are so hardworking and excited about their goals and targets that make a deep impression on everyone.

Shahzain bought a mare from a fair. His grandfather Malik Allah Yar explains to him that you did not make a good deal. This mare is not fine. You should grow up now as it is necessary. Be attentive in every matter otherwise, everyone makes you fool.
Suddenly Shahzain father in law and brother-in-law comes there. Chaudary Allah Yar welcomes them. They come there for a specific purpose. They want the political assistance of Malik Allah yar. Because Malik Allah yar have a good reputation and have rich people in this area.
They said that Chaudary Waqar wants to take part in an election that’s why you have to help us.
Shahzain gives them shocking news that he is also taking part in the election. This surprises them a lot.

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Since Dua is very depressed and so that she decided that she will get married to Raheel. Dua’s mother is also not happy as she knows about Raheel. Dua said that I am not adopted Child and they will ruin us that’s why I have to take this step.

Raheel tells their parents that Dua is agreed to get marry me. and also her mother is agreed on it and now we have to go to her home.

Above all, Rani Father talks to Rani that now you have to make agree on Malik Shahzain and ask him that he helps your brother in the election. Rani is trying to avoid but her father clearly said to her if you did not do this, we will end up our relation.

Dua and her mother call Raheel and his parents to her home. When they come to Dua Mother said that we do not want to carry on our relationship with you. Raheel already decided to ruin our lives so that we make the decision that you please give our share from this house and we will this house forever. This is our final decision.

That is the day that all trainers are waiting for. Finally, Saad got the honor of sword and Gulzar also got an honor. It is a wonderful function and parents of all trainers are also present they all are very happy.

Then Saad goes to his Father captain Fraz. He is very happy. Saad presents his winning sword to him. Captain Fraz is happy for his son’s success and that this time is the most memorable time of both of us.

Saad meets his mother and sister Ramin, who are also very excited to meet Saad. Ramin tells Saad that I become an international of my paintings is choose for an exhibition in Japan. And I also pass the entry test for army medical college. Saad is happy for her.
Saad’s mother asks Saad to make a call to Dua and tell her about your success. Then she calls her and tells her about pass out the training. She invites her to dinner but she excuses. Anyways, Dua is leaving for Abbottabad with her mother.

Gulzar’s parents are very simple and innocent. They are very happy with their son’s achievement.

However, in Ehd e Wafa episode 16, Saad and Gulzar pass out their training process. Their families are very happy. Shahzain is going to take part in the election. Chaudary Waqar also wants this Dua is leaving his home and take her mother’s share from the house. Let’s see what will happen next in Ehd e Wafa.


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