Ehd e Wafa Episode 15 review


Ehd e Wafa Episode 15 review

In the previous episode of Ehd e Wafa, it seems that everything is going smooth, as Dua has such a loving and understanding father. Shahid completely trusts on his daughter Dua and he also makes her sure that everything will be according to her wishes. Saad and Gulzar are going toward success.

The Ehd e Wafa episode 15 is tragic. Let’s talk about it. In the very first scene of Ehd e Wafa, Gulzar and Saad reached their fourth term. Saad admired and ideal personality is kernel Sher Khan (Nishan e Haider). Finally, he reached his room and expressing his emotional and passionate feeling.

Dua’s parents go to more. Shahid clearly explains to his brother that Dua is not ready to marry Raheel. So they also not want so. On this, his brother shows him very rude behavior. Shahid respects a lot to his brother. He tried his best but his brother did not understand him.
This situation is very panic for Shahid. Shahid Brother is not thinking like Shahid and all problems are created when we do not want to understand others.

While returning to Muree, Shahid is in very tension because his brother is angry with him. He continuously thinking about him and suddenly they have an accident in their car due to over speeding. In the accident, Shahid loss his life While his wife also injured. It is very shocking for Dua.

In next scene was full entertaining as Rani is the most entertaining character of this drama. She is always in a cheerful mood. Zara Noor Abbas is doing justice with her role. Here Shariq is working hard to expose injustice in the country. Unfortunately, he is facing difficulty in his aim. He wants to expose the misuse of authority and Government School is occupied by influential people. No channel is ready to take his package because it is against a very influential person. But Ramsha gives him a favor and aired their package. But for this act, she has to leave her job.

They decided to make a YouTube Channel and work for it. It is quite a good idea as now social media is mostly a free and easy source of conveying your message. They are determined, passionate and want to expose the evils of society but it will be not easy let’s see will they succeed in her aim or not?

Saad is everyone’s favorite character in the Ehd e Wafa because of such nice behavior. He is a strong candidate for winning the sword hone r and for this purpose he is trying very hard. But he is doing more than this. His senior trainer is continuously failing in the test. Now he decides to help him because it is the last chance for him. He is helping him with a full plan with his friends and they seem that they will succeed in it. It is another positive side of Saad’s behavior as he does not an honest and hard worker. He also thinks and cares about others. It is a message for the young generation that we should be attentive and helpful to others.

Another entertaining character of Ehd e Wafa is Gulzar. And in this episode, he is punishing a trainer as he does not know even the name of Atta Ullah khan Singer. And Atta Ullah Khan is a favorite singer of Gulzar. It is a very funny reason to be punished, someone.

Dua’s uncle comes to take Dua and her mother with them as now they are alone in this city. But Dua’s mother refuses. She blames then as they are the reason for the death of Shahid. She asks them not to meet me again in my life. Her tone is rude to them because of them she is facing such a difficult situation.

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In the last scene of Ehd e Wafa episode 15, Dua is asking her mother that why you insulted uncle last day, after all, he is my uncle. You should talk to him politely. She is very emotional after the death of Shahid and considered that Dua’s uncle is responsible for Shahid’s death.
One more important thing revealed in this episode that Dua is an adopted child of Shahid. It is very surprising for Dua as Shahid.

The Ehd e Wafa drama story is progressing well as Saad and Gulzar are efforts hard for winning the sword of honor. Shariq is going to plan a youtube channel with Ramsha. The sad thing is Dua’s father died and surprising end by revealing that Dua is an adopted child. Captain Faraz is Shahryar who is missing in this episode. The story of Ehd e Wafa is becoming interesting. But the main theme is Dram which is Friendship but all boys are fully involved in their lives and never even remember each other. Will they meet ever in lives or not. What will the reaction of Dua on surprising fact from her mother? Let’s see what will happen in the next episode of Ehd E Wafa.


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