Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 11 Review

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 11 Review

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 11 Review

Ehd e Wafa episode 11 is another meaningful and emotional with some surprises. In this episode we have seen Shariq has an impactful role and Saad couldn’t met her father since he was home on his vacations. The older group had a reunion party but it doesn’t seem the happiest one. SSG reunion ended up badly as Saad decided to fight Shahzain. But we have seen a lot of difference in Saad’s behavior while confronting Shahzain. Saad’s mature behavior at the PMA and the sneaky manner showed us that he is groomed enough now and this was a new aspect of his personality. Everyone performed very well in this episode; it seems that there is a great deal to offer to the Ehde-e-wafa viewers.

This episode opened up with some powerful and disturbing facts, the girl playing Shariq’s sister has been amazing throughout. We felt her presence in every scene, so far we clearly seen that she is a strong woman with a purpose in life. She has a very sensitive soul who is and will continue to live a meaningful life. She aggressively retaliated to his brother’s remarks and the manner these scenes were picturized was really convincing. We got idea from this situation that how people are forced sometimes into wrongdoings as the system we are living left no option for us. And that’s quite very painful; we have lots of real life examples around us. Faces could be different, situation might vary but the pain is same everywhere. Shariq is intelligent and same time he is emotional and impulsive.  I am looking forward to see him growing a little more responsible groomed man and less adventurous. 

Rani and Shahzain come together again on the screen and we saw some more comics after going through some serious track of Shariq and his sister. It’s obvious that Rani’s scenes are always entertaining whereas Shahzain keep us on guessing him. Shahzain tried to let the reunion happen in a better way but could not able to mend the knot with Saad. Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 11 Review Shahzain wanted all of his friends to be a part of his engagement but after confronting Saad he decided to have his engagement ceremony simple. Because he knows well that no one from his friend’s group will attend the ceremony. Shahzian do value his friends but as a landlord offspring there is immaturity in his nature and this what we can call an ego issue. On the other hand, Rani doesn’t seem happy with the idea of simple ceremony. But she knows well how to turn thing in her favor and she has a plan in her mind which she’ll let things happens as she want. 

Saad has two very different sides of his personality; he has already set some priorities. His anger with Shahzain is justified but let think about it why he couldn’t have confrontation with him on phone call. Shahryar and Shariq travelled so far just to meet their buddies and they were not expecting their fight at least this time. Shahryar was aware of the fact whereas Shariq have no idea whats wrong with those guys. It would be better if Shahzain apologized Saad and things could turn well. 

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Saad couldn’t meet Dua, his father and sister in his trip to home and we seriously miss both of them. In this episode we were not able to saw the environment Saad had while arriving home on vacations and we also miss the PMA locations as in this episode we couldn’t see a lot. Saad is totally different when he is home, and his another face is when he is at PMA. He is a complete different person when he is around his friends. 


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