Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 10 Review

Ehd-e-wafa episode 10

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 10 Review

Ehd e Wafa episode 10 was entertaining and powerful at same time. Journey of Ehd e Wafa boys covered in such a beautiful and emotional way that can’t tolerate us to leave the feel of young age friendship. The story is getting more interesting and we see one twist after another in every passing episode. All the tree boys are struggling hard in their lives except Shahzain. They seem more committed to their career and life today as compared to their student life. We have seen Shariq and Shahryar’s family covered in this episode in a purposeful way. Writer wrote beautifully and directed took their best performance at PMA.

In this episode of Ehd-e-wafa, Shahzain and Rani got engaged whereas Rani’s father has some hidden motives behind this engagement. Shahzain grandfather also have same intuitions that being relatives is far better than competitors. Whereas Shahzain’s mother doesn’t seems happy by the arrangement. Zara Noor is played very solid and confident role in the drama and gave her best shots. She appears beautifully and her scenes were amusing as ever. She did her job completely justice fully and the writer wrote the dialogues with full devotion. Zara should do more characters like this as comedy suits her and she is good in it. It was like a treat to see Rani’s vibrant personality and feels energetic when she is on the screen. 

Shariq Confrontation

In this episode Shariq role is the most prominent, he confronts with Phelwan Jagjit, he visited the hospital and used slang language for signing off on the dead body as natural death. He gets into a sharp argument with the technician upon knowing that it’s a conspiracy. And he ended up with a slap but he was shocked to see him again at his home with her sister’s proposal. Shariq fights her sister upon knowing that she already married that technician. Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 10 Review Shariq is underrated performer of this drama but he has shown soft and angry side if the character at the same time. His hard work for attaining some good level in his professional life is worth watching. 

Saad is at PMA and we have seen how army drills and mentoring is changing him internally and that’s the amazing highlight of this episode. He is one of the most intelligent guys in his group, showing best leadership qualities. But he has been a shy and introvert young man who didn’t open up easily and quickly. Unless he is around those people who are his near and dear ones. It seems that he has found the right place to polish his innate skills and he is the one who is leading his group in this episode. He is truly a dedicated one at this point and he is taking everything very seriously. Ahad Raza Mir has played exceptionally in making Saad’s character come alive on our screens. 

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Overall the episode was fantastic and with the direction, performance and dialogues it blew our minds. We are passionately looking for the reunion of all of the boys including Shahzain. And hopefully this drama will bring some more interesting and amazing scenes. Its fun watching the PMA and armed magnificence disciplined life. Shahzain marriage is going to happen soon, and we are eager to see the expression of the other gang guys on this news. The story seems solid whether Saad is going to attend the ceremony or he holds the grudge against Shahzain by taking Dua’s incident. Osman Butt looks good in his furious nature, as the landlords usually are. I wish he has a pitch of those guys, hope you understand what I meant. 

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