Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 1 Review

Ehd-e-wafa episode 01 review

Ehd-e-Wafa Episode 1 Review

The most awaited serial is Hum TV and ISPR’s new joint venture, aired the Ehd-e-Wafa episode 1 on Sep 29th, 2019. This drama is the production of Momina Duraid, directed by Saifee Hassan. Ehd-e-Wafa cast is potentially very strong starring Ahad Raza, Osman Khalid Butt, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Wahaj Ali, Alezay Shah, Zara Noor, and others. The drama is going to show the story of 4 friends who will join the armed forces institute and study to become officers. Above all this is a story of true friendship, hardships, and endurance. 

In this drama, you will see a thriller comedy that is fairly a new genre introduced in Pakistani dramas. And I am sure that this drama serial is going to take the audience on a roller coaster because the journey of each friend will be at the top of the intense level. The overall feel of the 1st episode including the situation and dialogues was lively. It was a fast-paced since it was covering all of the great deals. Well, we must admire the director and the whole team working behind the cameras; they did exceptional jobs in providing us delightful script. Since, The “BOYS” were energetic in their performances and there is a definite presence.

SSG Boys played well

Ehd-e-Wafa 1st episode opened with Sheharyar, Saad, Shariq and Shahzain, trying to go out from their hostel at night. But the warden caught them red-handed and humiliated them in front of their other hostel mates. The way the warden caught them red-handed and they deal with the entire situation was quite interesting. The dialogues were all witty and delivered in a good way, the boys support each other showed their strong bond for each other. All the students out there who have been to college must relate these entire scenes with their college life. And those who have forgotten their college and youth day must have felt nostalgic after watching this episode. 

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In this drama, the college and hostel life has been covered nicely in every scene. The threat of being caught on the spot and they know very well it was all against rules. The director filmed perfectly the level of disobedience, and the boys are not fearing. They are expert enough at what they decided to do, and as long they are united or together nothing matters and nobody can stop them. Every character showed the best of their role, they depicted the carelessness and the confidence of their age perfectly on the screen. 

Shahzain is the main lead of the boy’s gang, he is the one who comes up with all new plans and ideas and the rest of the team gets ready to follow his command. Their friendship put, in a nutshell, the real beauty of young age and college days, especially of boys. 

In the 1st episode, we also saw a little glimpse of Zara Noor as Rani, her exceptional acting skills steal many hearts. She is another interesting character other than the quad boys group. The dialogue delivery and acting make her scenes enjoyable. Sajeer ud din played the role of hostel warden and he is the equally interesting character of the drama. 

Alpha Bravo Charlie

There was a surprise for the Alpha Bravo Charlie viewers, and that’s Brigadier Faraz Ahmed. He returns after 21 years in his classy and calm Army attire. Therefore, I must say that his short appearance on the screen reminds us of all of his old Alpha Bravo Charlie days. He is playing the role of a successful army man who has many expectations from his son Saad. Vaneeza one of the top-rated models of Pakistan’s fashion industry is also a part of this drama. She is playing Saad’s mum’s role. 

Alezay Shah played Dua role, she is introduced as a confident girl and she too has a vibrant personality. Therefore, she is going to surprise us in the coming episodes as she has done immaculate performances on the bigger screen. 


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