Darr Khuda Se Episode 9 Review

Dar Khuda Se Episode 9 story Review

Darr Khuda Se Episode 9 Review

Drama serial Darr Khuda Sa aims to highlight social issues and tackling the #MeToo campaign in Pakistan. Darr Khuda Se Episode 9 review In the 8th episode we watched that Afreen is being a victim at home and in the office, she has been kind and sincere towards his family whereas her siblings are busy taking care of themselves only and torturing her parents in every matter. In Dar Khuda Se Episode 9, Azhar has a hard discussion with his father.

Azhar criticized the behavior of Tamkeen with his wife. And told his parents that she is getting rude on every passing day. And on the other side, Shehla is asking Azhar to get a separate home for them as she can’t bother Tamkeen anymore. As the demands of Shehla are getting higher day by day which makes Azhar bit worried. She imposed on Azhar that she can’t live with the family and he has to separate the kitchen. Azhar tried to accept her all good or bad demands which make Azhar’s parents sad and desperate. 

dar khuda se episode 9 review

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Finally, Afreen joined her office and this makes Shahwaiz happy as the prey has come back itself. He called her to see him in the office, where he told her rudely that with such attitude she might be terminated. But he is the one who didn’t allow authorities to take action upon her absence from the office without informing the management. Darr Khuda Se Episode 9 review Later Shawaiz assigned Afreen some task to go out with him but as usual. But she denied by saying that such tasks were not mentioned in her job description. And this attitude makes Shahwaiz furious.

In this episode, we have seen a new character introduced in the drama; its Ali Rizvi played the role of Kashif as a replacement of Junaid. He is another kind of Shawaiz, who started disturbing Afreen. But she doesn’t answer him the way he is expecting. And at the same time, Shahwaiz is keeping an eye on Afreen and Kashif, and he certainly noticed the behavior of Kashif towards Afreen.

Tamkeen following her brother’s footprint decided to do something good for herself as her parents couldn’t care for her. Whereas, she has something in her mind which she is going to implement in the coming days. But Tamkeen planned to meet Sabzi wala somewhere outside their area. And she lied to her mother and spent hours with the Sabzi wala. However, they went on a sea view and have a detailed discussion about their past. Her father and mother both seem worried when she didn’t come home early. Mrs. Siddiqui told Afreen that Tamkeen is not home since morning.

dar khuda se episode 9 review

So Tamkeen and Rasheed have lunch in the hotel and this is the closing point of Dar Khuda sa 9th episode. So let’s see what happens in the upcoming episode. 

Here is the promo of the episode. 


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