Darr Khuda se Episode 7 Story Review


Darr Khuda se Episode 7 Story Review

Sana Javed is the actress who dedicates herself to each character and that is what makes her shine on the screen. This drama has a very strong subject of independent women who are obedient to their parents at the same time. And that’s something which we as a viewer like to see as there is some positive message of being confident to do whatever is required but one should strongly be connected with their norms, values, and culture. 

In episode 7 of Darr Khuda sa new character is introduced played by Hammad Farooqi that brings some lighter tone to the drama. The pairing of AFreen with Hammad gives a fresh look to the drama. 


Walima of Azhar and Shehla finally celebrated after a wait of two episodes, but in Darr Khuda Se episode 7 story review Imran Abbas we didn’t see him. This week the episode focused more on Afreen and her family. Afreen met his old family friend who infatuated by her first sight and that’s what made the viewers bit happy as Afreen deserves someone who adores her.

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At the ceremony, Sabzi wala came without invitation just to see Tamkeen, and Hammad also gave his first appearance in the walima ceremony. Mother and sister of Shehla visited Azhar family before the ceremony just to ask about Azhar father as they get information about the accident. They didn’t show any empathy upon meeting Mr & Mrs. Siddiqui, rather she just spoke a few harsh and rude words that might hurt both.

Whereas the sister of Mr. Siddiqui is not sure about the marriage, she has some doubts as to how they can marry in such a hurry. She taunts Mrs. Siddiqui off & on that’s been noticed by everybody at home.

Tamkeen felt somehow jealous upon Hammad stay at their home, and she is sure that Afreen and parents are paying attention to him just for the sake of Afreen.


 It seems that Azhar and Shehla won’t be able to help the family in the future financially. As she has listened to both Azhar and his wife; that they discussed their father accident and Shehla doubted about the accident. Darr Khuda Se episode 7 story review She doesn’t agree to accept that it’s not a fake one. And that’s only a tactic to grasp money from a son or to delay walima ceremony.

Apart from the younger brother, Afreen called the elder brother. And tell him about Azhar marriage which he didn’t happily receive. He openly denied helping her financially because they can’t afford it now.

So, AfFreen decided to go back and once again join Shahwaiz’s office to run her family properly. At this point, we don’t know whether Shahwaiz will accept her back with all dignity. That she has before leaving the office.  

So let’s wait for the upcoming episode, what will happen that must be worth watching. Don’t miss to watch the next episode, on Tuesday sharp at 8 pm only on Geo entertainment.


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