Darr Khuda Se Episode 6 story Review

Dar Khuda Se Episode 6 story Review

Darr Khuda Se Episode 6 story Review

The pattern of Anjum Shehzad’s direction is significant, its pace. He is focused more on the way how to take scenes, whether slowly or could be fast. This is what I have seen in almost every drama directed by Anjum. This is a script of Sarwat Nazeer, bound with human and family emotions and feelings. All those feelings are a quite simple thing. But Anjum Shahzad is the one who takes this family thing to another level. Therefore, let’s jump into the Darr Khuda Se Episode 6 story Review

Azhar got married to Shehla and now he is dancing on Shehla’s tunes, he is the one in the family who is a spoiled child. Who knows about the family’s financial condition very well and still don’t bother to deal with them. On the other hand, he goes for his happiness and wants. Azhar asked for money from his father that he saved for Afreen wedding and he arranged a grand Valima party. Shehla is doing all that can be expected from the wife of a flawed son and Azhar is doing well as a selfish son who is not able to maintain the balance between family and his wife. 

Afreen is the only one who is sensible in family and she is doing every single act that can help her parents and let them live peacefully. She doesn’t have any dreams about her future, she just wants to make every effort to make her parents happy and she is doing all that properly. That’s why both her parents praise her from the heart and feel indebted all the time whatever she is doing for the house. 

Mr. Siddiqui has faced an accident, Azhar showed some empathy but Shehla was just unresponsive. They just asked them whether they need something or not; Afreen said she will take care of her father; he doesn’t need to worry about him. 

Above all, Shahwaiz wife came into the knowledge that he was cheating her and at this moment she decided not to confront him. As she was afraid of losing him and she didn’t want to be alone. Certainly, that’s why she let him do and gave him little hints that might sort out the problem.

Shahwaiz wife hired male staff at home is the solution to take him to the right path but she is not aware of the fact that such men find plenty of options outside the vicinity of house or office.

Gul, Shahwaiz wife knows very well about this mismatched marriage that why she is not confronting him. Although she knows every bad deed of him. However, she knows that shahwaiz can’t afford life without luxuries and the standard he got from this marriage. But to keep peace in her life she just avoids.

Till this episode, Shahwaiz couldn’t convince Afreen to accept his offer and she is also not going to the office. But after a few episodes, it is obvious that he will create lots of issues for Afreen.

So, let’s see what will happen in upcoming drama episodes. However, do share your thoughts about the drama in the comment section.


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