Darr Khuda Se Episode 14 Review

dar khuda se episode 14 review

Darr Khuda Se Episode 14 Review

Sana Javed and Imran Abbas once again grabbed the attention of their viewers with their epic performance. In the previous episode its shown that Afreen is badly stuck in a depressing and helpless situation. And Shahwaiz is trying to get the best and foremost advantage out of the situation. In Dar Khuda Se episode 14, let’s move on and see what’s gonna happen with the story.

As we have seen in the last episodes that Afreen left with no option but to go with the flow over everything that Shahwaiz asked her to do just to get out of the fake picture controversy plotted by Shahwaiz. Her reputation is getting down day by day not only at her home but in office as well. As they couldn’t accept this from a girl like Afreen as Shahwaiz’s character was not hidden from any of the team members. Afreen’s only friend at office Aasia also started to doubt her and she taunted her for being getting close to her boss cum friend. But she was also not aware of the situation.

On the other side, Shahwaiz is very happy because his plan is going in the right direction so far. He is having full control over Afreen and he has been successful in manipulating her, so good for him since we all know that this all is short time happenings. Shahwaiz took Afreen out for lunch, she just went out with Shahwaiz in front of her colleagues. Which left everyone surprised as they were not expecting such behavior from sensible girl Afreen. But remained quit worried the whole time she spends at the hotel. And at the same time, Shehla’s sister was there at the same hotel, she saw Afreen sitting with Shahwaiz.

In this drama Dar Khuda Se, Imran Abbas is the most handsome villain of this season on the silver screen. And he is ruling over the tv with his wickedness in this serial in an intriguing manner. He has shown in this drama that he is able to do any role and he will do utmost justice with the situation and that’s what he has done with this character.

Whereas Tamkeen is behaving rudely even more after her father rejects the proposal of Rasheed. For her, he was the last hope of life and that’s going away hastily. In this serial, Rasheed was shown as a serious man who is fair enough in making a relation with Tamkeen. Rather than misusing Tamkeen’s emotions and take some advantage of her bad times, he approached her family with his proposal. Upon getting insulted by Tamkeen’s father, he really took his insult seriously and gone back to his village and decided to spend life with his first wife. Tamkeen is going through emotional annoyance as Rasheed was the only spark of hope in her life.

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Raza is another important character of the story; he is also very hopeless after her mother announcement. That he is getting engaged with his cousin. When Afreen gets to know this, she becomes even more disappointed and considers that everything is going against her.

This was all about Dar Khuda Se episode 14, hopefully, the next episode brings a more interesting addition in the story.


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