Darr Khuda Se Episode 13 Review

dar khuda se episode 13 review

Darr Khuda Se Episode 13 Review



When phuppo went to Shehla’s room, she was fine and talking to her husband Azhar. She offered phuppo with drink and lunch which she open-heartedly accepted. She was examining the room, there was AC in the room and she also set her kitchen on her own and she is no more with the family.

Phuppo in this drama is a bit dual-faced personality, the moment she is seated with Mr. & Mrs. Shehla, she talked bad about Shehla, gun down her character. And when she was in Shehla’s room she was talking bad about her in-laws.

Tamkeen scolds Afreen that she is the reason behind every bad happening for her and that her parents are searching for pathetic proposals for her that she never deserved. Whereas, Shahwaiz wife is denying going abroad for treatment as she is well aware of her husband’s nature. She can’t take a risk by leaving him alone here.

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Shahwaiz was on his way to the office, Afreen was waiting for a bus at the stop. She saw his brother and Shehla moving on the bike that makes her bit sad that for her brother they don’t matter. Fortunately or unfortunately, Shahwaiz came across with Afreen waiting for a bus. He stopped in front of her and asked her to sit in the car and he will drop her. Afreen resisted for a few moments but then she sat with him. She shared her fears with him that she is not that kind of girl. B

n lunch, Shahwaiz offered Afreen to go out and have lunch at any restaurant. That she accepted unwillingly, and her behavior made her colleagues again surprised. And he also assigned her to take care of the project which was under the supervision of Junaid. B

Tamkeen visited Sazi wala shop because he was not attending her call. But she couldn’t find him there, he went back to his hometown, this was told by the guy working at his shop. However, Darr Khuda Se Episode 13 is worth watching


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