Darr Khuda Se Episode 04 Story Review

dar khuda se episode 4 review

Darr Khuda Se Episode 04 story Review

Ali Ansari playing the role of selfish brother perfectly, the actor giving his best that worth watch out. Pakistani drama industry is very vast having lots of diverse actors and actresses showing their talent in multiple characters. Ali Ansari, stand out in each scene he played with Imran Abbas and Sana Javed. Let’s see what happens in Darr Khuda Se Episode 04.

The drama Dar Khuda is written by Sarwat Nazeer, the topic she chooses this time is worth appreciation for sure as we have seen so far that the main lead is kind of a womanizer and he is trying to harass women at the workplace. As the drama moves on, we are watching that how difficult is for a woman to work out and cope with these kinds of situations. These harassments are not only at the workplace but it starts the moment any woman came out of her home till she gets back home. 

The tempo has created very efficiently; there isn’t any single moment that seems drag of a scene. Shahwaiz is obsessed with females and has a bad eye on every woman he met. And he has set his eyes on Afreen who damn care about him and she doesn’t even think of giving him attention which he dreams of. 


In the 4th episode of Dar Khuda Sa, the main focus is on Tamkeen, who fell in love with Sabzi wala, played by another versatile actor Saleem Mairaj. He looks quite sensible till now but let’s see whether they turn their romance to a relationship as Tamkeen is bit difficult person to live with calmness. 

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Azhar, he is just focusing on his relationship and he wants to get married as early as possible but the girl Shehla doesn’t seem sweet as she is pretending. Mr. Siddiqui and his wife announced that he can’t marry until his sisters get married. This made Azhar feeling helpless, but Shehla’s mother got the chance to play tactfully. She asked him to marry Shehla secretly and then the family will be left with no other option. 

Azhar entered the house with his newlywed wife, at the moment when Junaid (Afreen’s colleague) was present with his wife. They were about to finalize proposal of Afreen with Junaid’s brother in law. But Azhar made the scenario different.

Azhar was also not ready for the situation; he only wants to secure his position. Shehla and her mother forced him to get married as Shehla are getting proposals everyday and she can’t wait for him too long. So, by doing both siblings have shown that they are self and just taking care of themselves and have no care about their parents and younger sister.

Getting interesting

The drama Dar Khuda is getting interesting day by day as in every episode there is something new happened. The story is simple yet very catchy and it is not letting anyone lose interest in the drama. The portrayal of general yet important issues is very decent and the pace is going on quite fine. 

You can share your thoughts about the play and is there anything that you want to add. There is a comment section, you can say whatever you want. Lets wait and watch what comes in Episode 5.


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